Op-Ed: Proud Boys Of North Florida Protect Kids From Drag Queen Predatory Entertainment

By Melissa Martin, Ph.D. On Jan 3, 2023

The following article was originally posted HERE.

According to their website, Proud Boys in North Florida are a fraternal brotherhood of North Florida men, dedicated to ‘The Greatest Nation That Has Ever Existed’, and to each other  File photo: Robert P. Alvarez, Shutter Stock, licensed.

PORTSMOUTH, OH – Adult drag queens can entertain each other ‘til the cows come home. That’s their own adult business. 

But when children are invited to attend or participate in adult entertainment – that’s the business of all sane and sensible adults. And any adult that disagrees has a hidden agenda; is a clueless moron; or is a woke weirdo. 

Furthermore, that includes parents and guardians.  

Why would an adult encourage, support, or promote an innocent child being exposed to a costumed man simulating sexual acts on a stage? 

Children do not belong in bars, strip clubs, or at adult entertainment venues. Why in the world is this concept so difficult to comprehend? 

Who will stand up and speak out to defend and protect the children against perverts, predators, and pedophiles in Florida? 

Enter the Proud Boys in North Florida. 

“A Fraternal Brotherhood Of North Florida Men. We Are Dedicated To The Greatest Nation That Has Ever Existed, And To Each Other. We are stand-alone autonomous local club. The Proud Boy chapters associated with this website start and end in North Florida.” 

Excerpts from North Florida Proud Boys website:

“On February 3, 2021, the Proud Boys in North Florida formally seceded from the national political and organizational structure of the fraternity, restoring the original autonomy that existed before 2018. We were among the first across the planet to do so. In September, 2021, after evidence became overwhelming that the Proud Boys national governing structure had been hijacked by federal informants, grifters, and other nefarious elements, the fraternity officially abolished all national governance. All authority and responsibility now exists only at the local level.”

So, the Proud Boys in North Florida are no longer governed by any national leader. They are concentrating on Northern Florida. 

The Florida Standard penned a recent article on the Proud Boys. 

“The Proud Boys are frequently labeled as a far-right extremist group by legacy media outlets. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) describes them as “violent, nationalistic, Islamophobic, transphobic and misogynistic.” 

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes has called the group a “pro-western fraternity” and even sued the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for defamation after the SPLC labeled the Proud Boys a hate group.” 

The local Proud Boys posted a rebuttal on their website to a First Coast News (FCN) “Hate group threatens holiday drag show in Jacksonville” article referring to them as a hate group.  

The FCN noted, “The messages call on organizers to change the event from open to all ages to 18+, or they’ll have members from across the country arrive to protest.” 

However, Tepeyolot Cerveceria (Tepey’s) in East San Marco refused. 

The Proud Boys aren’t trying to shut down or stop drag queen entertainment, but instead call for a restriction on ages – in other words, no children allowed. 

My question: Why would any business venue give drag queens (aka heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual men in thongs and pasties) access to children for adult entertainment?  

Proud Boys wrote:

“On that note, nice headline First Coast News. The editor and the author need to be fired. A quick public records search could have landed FCN a meaty story about a pack of druggies and criminals using this PC trash to get access to kids in order to abuse them…A journalist should have ethics and report the truth. You just ran interference for child abusers and molesters…  The men you demonized are actually just local businessmen and patriots who would rather be having a cold one but our sense of duty will not allow us to sit on the couch when society fails to protect kids at every level… To be smeared by journalists too lazy to run a 1 minute check to see who wants to dress little boys like girls and do sexual themed shows…complete with bottomless drink specials on a Sunday morning ….that is our great honor.” 

Proud Boys deny being homophobic haters:

“This action on Sunday is not a virtue signal against some random drag queen show for kicks, or because we are homophobes. We have found a core of dangerous criminals preying on local children. Across the globe at these child friendly drag events, there is always a core of dangerous criminals lurking just below the surface, and Jacksonville is no exception. Before we go any further, we want to commend our local LGBT community.There is a very significant portion of them joining us in questioning the motives of the organizers and asking why he does not just leave the kids out of it…Seeing an LGBT community that gets it, and proactively tries to police itself, makes us Proud Of Our Queers.” 

So, the Proud Boys in North Florida thank members of the LGBT community for speaking out to protect children from predators. 

“We cannot be everywhere all the time. We are calling on local churches, child advocates, charities, and all men of faith and honor in the community to stand up for our youth. We need ordinances and laws banning sex themed shows for minors. They are so brazen now it is in the open, and they will push back against an outraged community. The arrogance is scary. First they want the right to their body, OK we can accept that. Next the right to murder the unborn inside of their body. Now they are asserting a right to sexually use the bodies of children…” 

Folks, I support peaceful groups that defend and protect children from drag queen child predators. From where I sit, the Proud Boys in North Florida genuinely care about kids.  

-Melissa Martin, Ph.D.

About the author:

Melissa Martin, Ph.D., is a former professional child therapist, early literacy advocate, book author, and syndicated opinion-editorial columnist. Her work appears in various national and international newspapers. She lives in Southern Ohio.

This is not a LGBTQ issue at all – this is an issue to save, protect, and defend kids from deceptive indoctrination, grooming, sexualization, medication and mutilation, and child abuse – from radical transgenderism.  

No child is born in the wrong body.  

The brain and body are not different entities.  If the brain says you are in the wrong body – it’s a brain issue – not a body issue. If the body says you have the wrong brain – will you get another brain? Of course not. Don’t tell kids to alienate and reject their own bodies – that is mentally unhealthy. Tell kids scientific facts and reality. Gender ideology is a nonscience theory.  

Children’s rights are human rights.  

Biological girls’ rights are human rights.  

Biological boys’ rights are human rights.  

Parents’ rights are human rights.  

Parents have the right and responsibility to disagree with their children being indoctrinated by the transgender movement.  

Biology is not bigotry. Education not indoctrination.  

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