Dog Whistles and Red Flags, We Knew Before We Knew

We must educate the community and discuss the red flags all over Tepey’s

This is part 2 of a re-blog for a local group uncovering the pedophiles behind drag queen story hour.

Why are we doing these protests? It is a question we are only asked by the ignorant, unaware of the size and scope of the issue, and the frightening movement Tepey’s is supporting.

As of July 1, 2021, there were 164.38 million males and 167.51 million females living in the United States.

How many children are sexually abused before the age of 18?

1 in 6 boys, 27,396,666

1 in 5 girls,  33,502,00p

This is staggering. Last March, 108 people, including a former judge, were arrested in a sting targeting people who travel to have sex with minors. In September, in the same town, 160 more including the Deputy Police Chief from Cartersville, just a shot up the road from Columbus GA, where protecting the local drag queen shows for kids warrants snipers on the roof and armor to prevent us protesting. The large number of police in the area arrested for sex crimes on children mean they are worrying about the wrong people.

In Pensacola, 22 arrested, including a pastor. On and on it goes.

The City of Jacksonville position is that twerking and gyrating in outfits exactly the same as in the local bikini bars is NOT sexual themed at Tepey’s in front of children. In front of adults just up the street, officials constantly raid and fine establishments and performers, measuring square inches of fabric on adults for compliance.

The idea that we are actually debating whether kids belong at breweries with bottomless drink specials while chicks with dicks gyrate in fishnets is mind boggling.

Drag queens need to stay in adult places as they perform adult entertainment. And leave children alone. Simple. 

In a 2022 article, The Daily Caller reported, “A Pennsylvania drag queen was charged with 25 counts of child pornography, according to a criminal docket…Video footage shared on Instagram from 2017 appears to show Williams dancing explicitly for children. In July, a local Pennsylvania news outlet reported that Williams would be working with an organization that provides a “safe space” for gay and transgender children of color.”

The Houston Public Library in Texas admitted that one of its “Drag Queen Storytime” storytellers was a registered child sex offender. The library said in a statement it “failed to complete a background check as required,” leading to a man posing as a drag queen, according to a 2019 article in Newsweek.

The problem is real. Even among the LGBT community there is wide knowledge that drag queens are fringe, and they have their own organization fighting the groomers with us. Go check them out:

Pedophiles have their own secret symbols, and we encourage everyone to become familiar with them. HERE is a quick primer. This is how they find each other, the local traffickers, and the local establishments to meet other pedophiles at.

We have a member with Aztec heritage. The symbol on the front of the establishment seems very familiar though.

The blatant dog whistle and fighting the community to insist on doing gender bending sex shows in front of kids? We weren’t born yesterday though. The amount of dog whistles and red flags is too much to be a coincidence.

The neighbors say nobody ever eats there. We have confirmed very little activity over the last couple weeks.

The phone number on the site is some guys phone number with back to back no contest pleas in court for Domestic Violence in 93 and 97.

The licenses also leave questions unanswered.

Look at the mailing address. That is a complex. The license was issued to a dummy address. No unit number, nobody gets mail there.

 The purported owner, Luis Melgerejo, is a ghost on background checks. We get one guy in MA. He was interviewed HERE ,why the secrecy? Why is there no business in Florida registered under that name?

Nothing at the DPBR

So we checked the property records. If anyone wants to sell us a half million dollar building for less than 100k let us know.

Assessed Value

Sale Amount

Aug 6, 2020
Tax Amount

But we get a clue, some corporate filings.

Owner #1

T.C  Jax Holdings.

Google gave us the commercial space with loading docks and the Media Works. This building is owned by a woman next door to Tepey’s at 2136 . A smoke shop is actually there, but also used as the address for the “Transportation Club” pops up TC …Transportation Club? Its a vague advocacy group, wrapped up owning a brewery this is red.flag city. What are we transporting? Drunk kids from the drag show?

The Luisa st address lists 2 residents. Media Works and a Mike Rodgers for 1 day in 2020. The Rogers guy in San Marco, got some dope charges in Utah and disturbing a school in SC.

We have more questions than answers now, but let’s move on to Tezcat LLC.

Finally! Something with Luis name on it. You tried buddy. But you are a piece of shit.

The owner of Tepey’s Luis Melgarejo used the Baymeadows address and the unit number on earlier filings, we are not going to name the other residents, although he was there Nov 2.

He currently lives at 1243 Dorel St. 32207.

I guess the latest scuttlebut about other cities being less hospitable is due to the crimes against children that drag queens who seek to be around children are always involved in. People drive them out.

We now have a good list of his associates and sponsors. Luis came here from Osceola County.

The owner of Tepey’s was charged with using a weapon while he imprisoned a minor and he either touched or struck them.

Our money is on touched and we pray for the victim.

This is Drag Queen Kids Party in every town. In Columbus the drag queen organizer plied minors with IV Drugs.

In Jacksonville the owner is using weapons to imprison kids under 13 while the organizer of drag queen hour is room mates with a guy who literally lynches people.

First Coast News Reports about us being a hate group.

Lets see that retraction and the truth.

Nice job City of Jax, for running interference.

A note on the people who labelled us a hate group. The ADL was founded to protect a child rapist and murderer named Leo Frank in GA, and they tried to exploit the racism of the day to frame an innocent black man for the crime.

The SPLC founder, Morris Dees, was expelled from his own org. after court papers from his divorce were uncovered showing he was sexually assaulting his stepdaughter.

We get more proud every time we get smeared by Marxist Child Molester Propaganda Machines.

Get out of our city Luis, and Kolbey… leave our kids out of your perversions.

To the readers, we don’t get paid for this. Forgive any typos I need a damn beer. I will proofread later.

We will now begin breaking down the network of human traffickers and child molesters surrounding this particular drag queen story hour or kids event.

Some art from Luis, while you wait. I guess he enjoys the ambience of crying suffering children.

Lets see what city officials, leos, government, prominent businessmen we find this time we look under the drag queen story hour rock. The cancer surgery has begun.

We should not have to protest. But at this point we just want to see what kind of dirtbags are going in and whether DCF saves the kids or not.


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