God Hates Feds

Take a moment and look at the divide in our nation, and consider what the left is actually peddling.

*Change your DNA with the death shot, you cannot trust 99.7% chance with immune system.

*Chromosomes are not real, pick a gender or make one up.

*Everyone should have the same amount of stuff, but not have to invent or work to have it. Achievement does not matter, just say you tried.

*Assholes, idiots, and lazy people are equals of the good, the intelligent, and the hard working.

*The innocent new life in the womb is worthless and can be murdered with no consequence, but the life of pedophiles, leftists, violent criminals must be protected.

*Even the simplest organisms protect their territory and resources.

The wolf pack, the fish school, the flock, etc., nearly all creatures work with their kind of closest bonds, to protect each other and their territory.

For humans this is kin, tribe, and nation.

To the left this natural instinct is actually evil and we must only be loyal to the government and its mandates.

These are just a few examples to illustrate the point.

When you boil down our cultural and political divides, they are very simple.

Those in rebellion against nature and its laws, against those who accept and respect natural law.

The only just and impartial law there ever was, or ever will be, is natural law.

It is incorruptible and inescapable.

Natural law is the only certain and proven expression of the will of our creator. Man has warred for thousands of years over which book is the true word of God.

Go outside. Look around, learn about what God wants with 100% certainty by observing what he made.

The more you try to rebel against nature, the quicker your society is killed off, and the more diseased and bloody the downfall is.

Communists and supporters of the imperial federal tyrant are not even people.

I did not declare it. They chose to surrender their humanity and rebel against the universe and its creator.

(Helicopter Sounds)

Heathenry is a religion that respects nature, and its practice is based on reverence for the will and power of the Allfather, which we see clearly in his creation.

Libertarianism is a political and economic system based on respect for natural law, and opposition to the fools arrogant enough to believe you are greater than nature and its law. We scoff at those who think they can create a system better than God, or contrary to nature.

The federal government’s entire work is to attack natural law, and its agents are prophets of the false god of egalitarianism.

Marxists, NeoCons, Democrats, Globalists, Maskers, Vaxxers, Abortionists, Anti-gunners, agents of the IRS, FBI, ATF, etc., Congress, the Senate, the President, the controlled media, the banksters, ANTIFA, BLM, the SPLC, the ADL, and all these forces arrayed against us are agents of pure evil. They fight the very core of the universe and the power that made it.

We do not have a difference to find common ground on, we do not need a dialogue.

They need to be physically removed before they bring about the wrath of the Allfather and his creation.

War, diseases, pandemics, and more are going to increase the more we ignore this insanity.

Stop being polite.

God Hates Feds.

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