Communists Are Not Libertarians, So Why Do Communists Control The LP?

Cutting the shit, and getting real about the Libertarian National Committee, the New Hampshire incident, Mises Caucus, and the elephant in the room.

There has been a big shakeup in the Libertarian National Committee, and in state affiliates like New Hampshire over the last few weeks. 

They forced the resignation of the aptly named former National Chairman, Joe Bishop-“Henchman”, who was a puppet of an intelligence agent named Nick Sarwark who held the Chair position before him.

Sarwark had sabotaged the LP the previous decade or so, and fostered the infection of the party with a cabal of Anarcho-Communist perverts, including ANTIFA and BLM terrorist sympathisers.

They threatened to fire bomb a 2017 LPF Convention in Florida to prevent my re-election. I won by unanimous vote, but having to hire a security guard and post a second security team armed with rifles and full kit in a room next to the convention floor is indicative of the hostile atmosphere these lunatics culture in a place where everyone is a volunteer.

The commie minions on the Florida Executive Committee at the time even blocked the funding for security, hoping to assist the ANTIFA goons behind the threats, but we easily crowd funded the guards.

The controlled opposition program has thus far been successful in changing the party platform to guarantee it could never leverage the power of 50 state ballot access into a paradigm shift in American politics.

This involved the preservation of an ambiguous abortion plank that alienates everyone, addition of an open border plank in 2018, and a plank stating that taxpayers should be forced to provide food, housing, medical care, and security to vicious killers, instead of executing them with ten dollars worth of rope, bullets, or electricity.

The Libertarian Party is besieged by controlled opposition operatives and agent provocateurs, whose purpose is to keep it marginalized and distasteful to the vast majority of Conservatives who hate the cucked GOP, and are all 80/20 or more libertarians and just don’t realize it.

The first LNC had 3 federal informants on it. FOIA confirmed. Does any rational person think they just stopped subverting the party when it organized in all 50 states?

The An-Coms need to be purged immediately, many of them are agents of enemy governments, rival parties, and NGO’s.

The AnCaps need to take a back seat and let Minarchists drive the party and talk to the electorate in language they underatand.

The road to AnCapistan is inaccessible without crossing a bridge called Minarchy.

Our message must be things like: “Restore the Bill of Rights” and “America First, end all foreign military and economic aid, bring all our heroes home”. 

Right Wing Populism works, what has been going on since the 90’s in the LP does not. More weed and gays in parades with half naked kids on leashes is not going to touch the soul of the masses. Here is the appropriate messaging on these issues, which the party needs to adopt if we ever want to win.

Capital Punishment:

Libertarians do not oppose the death penalty. In fact we want child molesters added to the list of capital offenses. We want to reform the process with checks and balances to make sure innocent people do not get executed, ban lethal injection, and make executions swift and public by firing squad, hanging, or electric chair.

Marxist infiltrators who hijacked the party oppose the death penalty outright, not Libertarians. 

“Physical removal” of murderers, pedophiles, and even violent and thieving repeat offenders is a fundamental pillar of libertarianism. 

If you truly believe in the power of the free market, you would know that introducing its power into the business of incarcerating and executing people would be a dystopian nightmare. Private prisons are far worse than state prisons for our liberty.

Dead people cannot advocate for themselves to seek justice. Executing criminals is a legitimate state function. Libertarians have valid concerns about the process…I was part of a successful effort to end imposing the death penalty in Florida if the jury was not unanimous, that is insane.

If taxation is theft, then libertarians can never support confiscating income to keep people alive for decades in prison after they took life or innocence from others. Send them to our creator for judgement.

Abortion on Demand

Libertarians want abortion banned, and the doctors who perform them executed.

The clinic staff and officers of the NGO’s funding abortion should tried and incarcerated as accessories to mass murder.

Women who are cum dumpster whores and too irresponsible to use birth control, Plan-B, and murder babies to avoid the consequences of their actions should be sterilized so no more innocent life is lost and society will not be burdened.

Women have the right to chose to have sex or not, the choice to use birth control in a dozen forms, the choice to take plan-b up to 3 days after a bad choice, and the choice to take ru-486 up to 6 weeks after if they make another bad choice not to take plan-b, or if it does not work.

Once the baby has a heart beat and brain activity it is alive, and thus entitled to due process before life support can be removed. Simple equal protection under the law.

Open Borders

Our border is not some racist invisible line to protect white supremacy.

Our border marks the extent to which centuries of struggle and work has succeeded in establishing liberty.

It is our inheritance and we have every right to control who we decide to share it with. 

People who think you owe them, or some foreigner, your inheritance are called Communists, not Libertarians.

The reason the LP cannot break through and become a major party is the disgusting hypocrisy of advocating life for child molesters and murderers, while promoting convenience murder of babies, as well as the shameless alliance with Communists to keep the border open to implement Cloward-Piven. 

Just as BLM and ANTIFA advance Marxism under the guise of fighting racism, left wing scum advance Marxism under the guise of Libertarianism. 

Who is undermining the Libertarian Party and why?

The people in the party that push this pro-abortion, anti-death penalty, open borders crap are both state and private intelligence agents, and leftist agitators who are primarily members of ANTIFA terror cells and their supporters.

There is also a bunch of useful idiot pawns, some of whom mean well, but the consequences of their misguided actions are so severe they must be dealt with regardless.

It took me a few years, some help from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, as well as a bunch of FOIA returns to positively identify some of the government and private agents on the LNC and in state affiliate leadership.

Some of them, like Adrian Wyllie, Nick Sarwark, Paul Stanton, and Joe Bishop-Henchmen, have been removed or forced to resign. 

Many great people are working hard at discovering and cutting this cancer out of the “Party of Principle”, but it takes tons of effort to drag these scum out from under the rocks, and determine who are the leaders and actual agents, and who are merely gullible fools.

If you want a simpler means to know the enemy within, and save a bunch of investigation and research, there is an easy way to spot the infiltrators and their useful idiots.

Here it is:

If they support open borders, abortion on demand, and oppose the death penalty…..they are not Libertarians, they are a Communist infiltrators.

Most of the agents we discovered during my 3 years in party leadership were paid by the GOP to prevent us from toppling them, by having useful idiots promote this An-Com nonsense to keep their base from switching to LP. 

Most of the nations independents and conservatives hate the GOP… but they hate the Democrats more, so they vote GOP or they don’t bother voting.

The duopoly only exists because of the absolute and purposeful sabotage of the party by these Neo-Marxist rabble. They are the behind the platform planks that ensure a perpetual 3% election return with fanatical zeal.

There is no greater act of promoting statism than promoting abortion and open borders and opposing the death penalty.

“Libertarians” doing so are the foot soldiers of global slavery, they are the lowest form of life, at least the enemy in the left wing groups are up front about their true goals. 

Even BLM posted their Marxist goals that had nothing to do with race issues on their website.
Being a gullible or low intelligence fool with good intentions does not absolve them of guilt or make them less dangerous. 

These wicked ideologies cause immeasurable harm of life and property on such a massive scale merely speaking in support of them violates the NAP.  

The Libertarian Party should expel every single person who supports open borders or abortion on demand, or opposes the death penalty…immediately and with extreme prejudice. 

This is not a debatable subject. 

If you are an unwitting tool of the oligarchy promoting these things, this post might make you upset. 

Kill your ego and come correct. 

“The sting of any rebuke is the truth”

-Benjamin Franklin

The Left/Modal/An-Com “libertarians” are frauds. 

They act as if they own the party and the movement, an arrogance that was on full display in NH recently when good traditional libertarians took the helm and started making awesome social media posts. Posts that inspired people all over the country to reconsider supporting the LP, after previously writing them off as more extreme left than Democrats.

So did the LNC offer the new social media team the keys to the national LP platforms? No.

The response from the former chairqueen and other LNC members, was an attempt to illegally dissolve the lawful elected NH state party and re-install the Communists who lost the officer elections as a new recognized affiliate.

Joe Bishop-Henchman, the former LNC chair behind this plot, destroyed tons of evidence on LP computers before he hauled ass. Joe was a perfect example of how the enemies of liberty have infected the LP. 

The Sarwark/Vorha regime promoted lowering age of consent on their way out, hoping to poison the well enough the LP would languish until they could get a new agent at the helm.

They succeeded when the useful idiots and paid infiltrators elected a homosexual Communist to replace Sarwark. It did not matter that he was unqualified and Marxist. He was gay. Since the previous commie operative was a jew, and the LP is whiter than a Klan rally overall, the only way to virtue signal more was to elect the gay dude. Someone should probably tell these retards there is nobody left to impress with this nonsense. The Republicans who used to fight gay marriage are running trannies for governor now.

We will not save America and her freedom when all we have to offer is an orgy of pathetic virtue signals.

Now that the latest controlled opposition agent is gone, the Marxists want revenge, in the form of throwing out pro-life Caryn Ann Harlos from her position as LNC Secretary.

Her crime? Telling the truth to their faces which naturally involves insult and profanity. Honestly, many of the LNC deserve to have the shit beat out of them, and should be glad all they get are rough words. Save the hand wringing over the NAP. Punching some of these people would not be a social or political goal, but a recreational one.

The LNC is so pathetic and tone deaf they watched Donald Trump of all people overthrow the establishment and take the white house in one year, using the script our party’s founding father wrote for us. Roger Stone called it MAGA and sold it to Trump and turned a New York Democrat into the most Libertarian President since Jefferson Davis. 

If our party was not riddled with left wing shit heads, we could do the same thing.

The LP was too busy hunting imaginary Nazis and spreading Communist Propaganda from party owned websites and social media to notice Rothbard’s “Right Wing Populism” essay come to life before their eyes.

Freedom will not be won by waving dildos in pride parades and promoting the delusions of the mentally ill who want to cut their dicks off, whole forcing you to build them special bathrooms.

Freedom will not be won flooding our country with inbred, psychotic, borderline retarded, violent religious nuts who worship a pedophile prophet.

Oh does it offend you that I note the fact 520 million of the world’s 1 billion muslims are inbred? It is documented below. Nobody can understand the hate, violence, and delusions behind them without understanding the effect of inbreeding in mental health and intelligence. Political correct bullshit means we are not talking about the real issue causing islamic terrorism.

If we were, it would be simple. No, it is a bad idea to let mass amounts of cousin fuckers into our country.

Freedom will also not be won by flooding the country with Mexican and Central American cheap labor, to shore up Democrat votes, and keep US born minorities on the leftist welfare plantation.

Freedom will not be won supporting the Marxist state sponsored eugenics program known as abortion on demand.

Freedom will not be won showing compassion to murderers and child molesters.

All of those things are programs of the enemies of freedom.

If you support open borders, abortion on demand, or oppose the death penalty for pedophiles and murderers, you are the enemy of freedom. 

Should we reform laws relating to the death penalty in light of past injustice? Of course.

Should we allow immigration based on merit, the standard we apply to all things in a free market? Sure. 

Is it libertarian to ban immigration of muslims, the diseased, criminals, or non-skilled workers until we pry the tit of the nanny state out of the mouth of our own internal parasite class…. and force them to work or starve? 


People give a shit about the IRS, the FED, the illegal overseas wars and the drug war, their gun rights, their property rights, their parental rights, their free speech, the failure of government education, and more.

Nobody gives a shit about the rights of the parasite class to burn our cities down, or foreigners rights to bring us pandemics, crime, and more debt from social programs. 

The LP will never gain traction until it starts lighting populist brushfires in the minds of the masses based on issues THEY care about, not what is being said in LP circle jerk Facebook groups.

Here is how freedom WILL be won. It is a 3 part program.

1) Cultural revival that wipes out PC nonsense, the race pimps and their grievance rackets, the entitlement mentality, and brings back tribalism with its inherent accountability to control behavior, rather than laws to regulate morality. 

A restored understanding that our Nationalism is based on personal liberty and economic freedom, and that these are gifts born of the blood and sweat of our ancestors, giving us the right to be strict about who we allow into the promised land and to demand they be contributors to stay here.

There is no such thing as Libertarianism without Nationalism.

Liberty IS our Nationalism. 

That is a wonderful and unique blessing that must be fought for, to the last drop of blood if it comes to that.

2) Spiritual revival that reinforces the cultural one.

We must renew he sense that we are accountable to our creator for our behavior. 

The lack of self discipline and self regulation creates a vacuum for the government to grow wild in.

This is the fundamental reason the left or “modal” libertarian is evil. They want freedom to be degenerate baby killing, dope shooting, child fucking scumbags.

A traditional libertarian wants to honor God for the gift of life, and the talents he blessed us with, by utilizing them to create a better life for themselves, and they will better the world around them. 

Only such a people can ever be free and our founding fathers knew it, and made sure to remind us of it in their writings.

Socialism will be propped up with an endless series of sob stories. The spiritual revival, and to some extent the cultural portion, will be an important engine to create private charities to offer a hand up when we eliminate the government hand out.

The ones who will not take the hand up can starve to death. 

Socialism has altered natures means of balancing society. Instead of the smartest and healthiest breeding the most, Socialism has given us decades of the opposite.

Whatever name you call God, it is undeniable his will is expressed in the natural laws he set in motion.

This deep understanding that there are many people we need to let nature harshly deal with, who brought this on themselves, is going to be essential to restoring the balance and health of the population.

Libertarians do not fight natural law, they honor it.

3) Political reforms to restore the original interpretation of the Constitution focused on the Bill of Rights, by implementing the right wing populist program written by the Godfather of the LP, Murray Rothbard:

*Slash taxes.

All taxes, sales, business, property, etc., but especially the most oppressive politically and personally: the income tax. We must work toward re.peal of the income tax and abolition of the IRS.

*Slash welfare

Get rid of underclass rule by abolishing the welfare system, or, short of abolition, severely cutting and restrict it.

*Abolish racial or group privileges

Abolish affirmative action, set aside racial quotas, etc., and point out that the root of such quotas is the entire “civil rights” structure, which tramples on the property rights of every American.

*Take Back the Streets: Crush Criminals

And by this I mean, of course, not “white collar criminals” or “inside traders” but violent street criminals-robbers, muggers, rapists, murderers. Cops must [9] be unleashed, and allowed to administer instant punishment, subject of course to liability when they are in error.

*Take Back the Streets: Get Rid of the Bums. 

Again: unleash the cops to clear the streets of bums and vagrants. Where will they go? Who cares? Hopefully, they will disappear, that is, move from the ranks of the petted and cosseted bum class to the ranks of the productive members of society.

*Abolish the Fed; Attack the Banksters.

Money and banking are recondite issues. But the realities can be made vivid: the Fed is an organized cartel of banksters, who are creating inflation, ripping off the public, destroying the savings of the average American. The hundreds of billions of taxpayer handouts to S&L banksters will be chicken-feed compared to the coming collapse of the commercial banks.

*America First

A key point, and not meant to be seventh in priority. The American economy is not only in recession; it is stagnating. The average family is worse off now than it was two decades ago. Come home America. Stop supporting bums abroad. Stop all foreign aid, which is aid to banksters and their bonds and their export industries. Stop gloabaloney, and let’s solve our problems at home.

*Defend Family Values

Which means, get the State out of the family, and replace State control by parental control. ln the long run, this means ending public schools, and replacing them by private schools. But we must realize that voucher and even tax credit schemes are not, despite Milton Friedman, transitional demands on the path to privatized education; instead, they will make matters worse by fastening government control more totally upon the private schools. Within the public school system, the only sound alternative is decentralization, and back to local, community neighborhood control of the schools.


We must reject once and for all the Modal Libertarian view that all government-operated resources must be cesspools. 

We must try, short of ultimate privatization, to operate government facilities in a manner most conducive to a business, or to neighborhood control. But that means: that the public schools must allow prayer, and we must abandon the absurd left-atheist interpretation of the First Amendment that “establishment of religion” means not allowing prayer in public schools, or a creche in a schoolyard or a public square at Christmas.

We must return to common sense, and original intent, in constitutional interpretation.

So far: every one of these right-wing populist programs is totally consistent with a hard-core libertarian position. But all real-world politics is coalition politics, and there are other areas where libertarians might well compromise with their paleo or traditionalist or other partners in a populist coalition.

For example, on family values, take such vexed problems as pornography, prostitution, or abortion. Here, pro-legalization and pro-choice libertarians should be willing to compromise on a decentralist stance: that is, to end the tyranny of the federal courts, and to leave these problems up to states and better yet, localities and neighborhoods, that is, to “community standards.”

So how do we save the Libertarian Party?

The Neo-Marxist Modal Libertarians must be crushed by any means necessary, in order to crush the duopoly and secure liberty for the next generation.

The left/modal libertarian is the cancer that has stunted our growth and I am done being polite about it.

They are now infecting the Mises Caucus, which threw me out for opposing open borders. 

Mises has been doing good work clearing out pockets of An-Coms in the LP, but if they do not take a hard line on borders and executing child molesters, as well as banning abortion when there is a heartbeat or brain activity, they will be corrupted and lose all the ground they gained… worst, or be watered down and end up being no different than the people they ousted… best. 

Either result would keep the LP at a perpetual 3% election return. 

The Mises Caucus needs an enema, get these pieces of shit out before they become colon cancer and rot the caucus from within.

It has been considered low brow in the LP to tell people they are “Not Real Libertarians” for a while now.

It is time to bring it back into fashion, and stop deluding ourselves.

Communists are not even people, so it is impossible for them to be Libertarians.

Anyone who would throw away a chance to topple the duopoly, end the FED, end illegal war and interventionist foreign policy, end the drug war and prison industrial complex, abolish the IRS, dismantle nearly every department in the federal government and restore the 10th Amendment, and see success of the political, spiritual, and cultural revival that will ensure liberty does not die with our generation… not a Libertarian.

Anyone insisting the Libertarian Party continue its masturbatory virtue signalling in these pathological altruist delusions on abortion, death penalty, illegal invaders …is the enemy.

Anyone suggesting the LP path to victory lies in the promotion of degeneracy like trannie bathroom rights and lowering the age of consent ….is the enemy.

We are the original Libertarians, the traditional Libertarians.

The modals and An-Coms are the infiltrators helping the global slave master put us and our progeny into slavery.

We do not owe them a place just because they have been here a long time, our predecessors should have never allowed this buffoonery. We are here now though, and we should not cower from the enemy among us.

Too bad we do not have the fleet of Black Hawk helicopters Biden gave the Taliban so we could give them what they truly deserve.

Further reading for those who want freedom in our time:

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