Tough Love For Libertarian Leadership

Responses from members to the pathetic condemnation of American patriots by the Libertarian National Committee.

On January 6, 2021, a group of people stormed the house of treason known as the US Congress as they were in the midst of certifying a fraudulent election.

Speculation remains as to whether there were leftist or state agent provacateurs in the midst of the crowd, and whether it was spontaneous or engineered.

Following the event, the Libertarian Party sent emails and posted on social media, taking the position the crowd was patriots, and condemning them in the most disgusting display of moral cowardice since their weak sauce presidential candidate started promoting BLM Marxist terrorists last spring.

Membership across the country were outraged. One of the most dedicated and longest serving officers in the Libertarian Party of Florida, Wayne Jackman, sent a rebuke to national and state leadership, and I was cc’d. Below is his rebuke, and my reply to all.


My Dear Fellow Libertarians, 

Let me apologize in advance. I did not want to have to write this letter. Truly. But, as most tests of conscience in my life ultimately involve being able to look back at the man in the glass without disdain; I cannot do otherwise. 

Saturday, like many of you, I received an email from the National Party. to be specific. I have included the body of the email below for those who may have not received it or for those that have since deleted it. On to business….. 

What idiot wrote this email? 

What idiots allowed this to go out? 

I know some of you think Donald Trump is a “bombastic megalomaniac.” I know some of you think that “Trump incited that mob.” I know some of you think that the events at the Capitol were “a siege.” Some of you don’t think that. Understand, neither has relevance to the point here. 

Let me ask you to put yourself in the place of “those extremist Trump supporters, fueled by his dangerous rhetoric over the last four years.” Imagine, for the moment, being a disaffected Republican voter, who is possibly looking for a new political home. Imagine that there is another political party; a minor political party, who is inclusive. Who believes in Liberty. Who needs members. And that minor political party, should want to offer an outstretched arm across the divide to bring those disaffected Republicans into the fold. 

But to gain entry, you must first confess your political sins. You must beg forgiveness. You are required to flagellate yourself in the public square first. Because, hey, everyone one of you 75 million voters would do that to join a political party that garners 2 percent of the vote. Hey, it’s worth it. Who wouldn’t do that? 

Prior to 2005 I used to be a Republican. I can tell you one thing. If gaining entry into the Libertarian Party meant accepting the dictates of the email from National, that I received Saturday; I’d tell you to piss off. But really it would be a lot longer response filled with a litany of poetic profanity. And rightfully so. Then I would have become an Independent. Piss off. 

But admittedly, I could be wrong. Perhaps thinks that the Biden supporters, all wrapped up and cozy in their new found political victory are going to be beating on the minor party’s door begging to enter? Maybe that is the strategy. 

Maybe we have some choice requirements for them too. Some special insults just for them. That email comes out next month. I can’t wait. March is slatted for the Independents. Send all suggestions to . Meme’s especially requested. 

Like many of you, I have spent years trying to build up the party. I have seen so many join and leave. Trying to bring in new members and keep them has been a herculean task for all of us. I too have lived the election sham. At least the email admitted that. Check that. 

Perhaps we can distinguish between those Republican Party members who went to DC from the rest. The email from National doesn’t do that. I don’t condone violence. But let’s be clear. Those who marched aren’t mad because “their candidate lost.” They are mad because they think the election was stolen. If that turns out later to be true, then owes everyone an apology. Even if it is not later proved, those who marched did so because they thought it was true. From the National email as much is admitted, “Of course our elections are a sham.” So let’s not be hypocrites either.

Any way you slice it; speaking in practical political terms, the march was impressive. We couldn’t achieve that. I understand many of you would not want to. For clarity, I am speaking here about practical political reality. (That is a qualifier) 

In summation, we are not going to get those millions of disillusioned Republican voters over to the big “L” Libertarian Party by insulting them. That is what that email was. An insult. An opportunist one at that. I would like to think we are better than that. 

I would like to think, that those at National had just enough practical political sense to realize this before they sent it out. But just maybe they did…………….  I am having great trepidation. 

My heart is telling me that the idiot(s) who wrote the National email, perhaps were caught up in the moment and truly think this attempt will achieve an influx of new Libertarians from the Republican ranks. We know that those who voted for Trump are not leaving because of Trump. They are leaving because those in the leadership of the Republican Party did not support him. How could they not know that? 

My head is telling me that no one in our leadership could be so idiotic. And if they were not, it begs the question; what was the purpose of the email? Just crappy strategy? 

I’ll leave that up to you readers. You can call me crazy. I just can’t figure out how insulting the Trump supporters (or Democrats or Independents) is the incentive to get them to want to join us. But my head keeps beating home the point that perhaps National does not want to bring in additional members. That they are in reality content with our numbers. Dare I say, that they may not be idiots after all. Perhaps they are saboteurs. 

Still, my heart hopes otherwise. 

At least they didn’t put it up on the website.   

Now, I need a shower. 

In Liberty, 

Wayne Jackman

This email went out to the LNC via the website. 


What has America become?! The attack on the Capitol which has left five people dead and many more injured is a tragic example of why all Libertarians affirm the rejection of political violence. The incitement of such violence by the president of the United States in an effort to overturn his electoral defeat is unconscionable and inexcusable. Let’s be clear, Wednesday’s siege on the Capitol building in DC was not about being angry at politicians or draining the swamp. It was not about government overreach. January 6th was not just a day at the office in Congress. It was a CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED process to legalize the will of the people for a peaceful transition of power. What occurred at the Capitol was a blatant assault on democracy. As Libertarians, we often talk about the need to break up the system and fix what is broken in government, but never would we say the way to do that is to support a bombastic megalomaniac who refuses to accept that he lost an election. What good are principles of peace, self-government, non-aggression, and mutual respect if we attempt to institute them through anger, violence, and an authoritarian autocrat? We are against the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals, which is what Trump incited that mob to try to do Wednesday. There are real grievances out there to engage, that Trump and others have obviously exploited for their own benefit.Libertarians know better than most how pervasive corruption is in the system. Of course our elections are a sham — the intensely polarized ruling class our forefathers warned us about has created a corrupt establishment that keeps all but the most connected, most wealthy, and generally the most extreme candidates from gaining traction. However, none of those extremist Trump supporters, fueled by his dangerous rhetoric over the last four years, are up in arms that the Libertarian presidential nominee was forbidden from the debate stage (despite winning ballot access in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Guam). They are mad instead that their candidate lost — and they sought to use destruction of property and violence to get their way.Members of the Libertarian Party sign an oath not to initiate the use of violence or force to enact our political or social will on others. We understand that we must fight the system strategically and not brutally. Just as we opposed the destruction caused by rioters around the country last summer in the name of virtuous causes, we adamantly oppose this use of force to usurp an election of the people, by the people, and for the people. Over the last few days, many members of the Republican Party have reached out to inquire about a new political home — their numbers will no doubt continue to grow in the coming days and weeks. It is vital that we have the infrastructure in place to greet and support them when they arrive. Much progress remains to be made, and the Libertarian Party is here for it. Although this is a very sad time for America, the time has never been more right for the Libertarian message. Please support our efforts and help the Libertarian Party be a new home to so many who find themselves politically homeless. Your contribution today has the potential to directly and positively impact the growth of the only party that recognizes and respects the inherent dignity of the individual and embraces the cherished principle of Liberty. I hope you will stand with us and contribute generously to grow our party today!

My response:

I can imagine the type of Libertarians in current leadership pinned down on Iwo Jima with a large force of their fellow Americans. 

The Japanese are jamming the radio so they cannot call for artillery support. A bunch of soldiers decide to make a plan to shut down the jammer.

The Libertarian archetype of current leadership would protest…the Japanese own that jammer! In a free market it is their right to broadcast this jamming signal! Why don’t we sit here and soak up bullets until the free market creates a better radio they cannot jam! 

Muh Principle..

We are in the midst of a hostile takeover by the Chinese Communists and their Neo-Marxist Globalist allies.

They intend to create a permanent global techno slavery from which mankind will never escape. 

They control the elections now with hackers. 

They imprison us in our homes and are forcibly vaccinating us.

They are disarming us and censoring us.

They are using modern brown shirts known as BLM to spread racial hate and violence to accomplish these and so many other tyrannical goals, and the LNC and our candidates loudly support them.

The LNC really has the nerve to use the phrase “our Democracy’ aka the road to Socialism. You want political power but you do not even know this is a Republic and that its erosion into Democracy is the story of big government in the US?

How many innocent people have to die in illegal wars or the drug war at home because of the actions of the US Congress before they are considered to have initiated force?

The LNC and many state parties have been on the wrong side of history a long time now. 

If you think puppets of the Globalist Oligarchy, controlled with blackmail of their sex crimes on children and placed in power through massive election fraud and engineered bio-weapons like Joe Biden are preferable to Trump you are deranged.

If you think storming the Congress is unjustified at this point you have no right to even speak the word principle, let alone act like you have any.

Right now we could co-opt the largest anti-authoritarian movement in US history, the members of which are all 80/20 libertarian or better. We could crush the duopoly by the midterm.

Instead the LNC and many state parties are purposefully alienating them so you can keep the Libertarian radical puritanism at your gatherings of half a dozen autist douchebags at Denny’s you call affiliate meetings.

Your grandkids will curse you chained in bread lines.

All of you are unqualified amateurs without the political science or psychology knowledge to be effective.

Some of your hearts are in the right place, for those of you who think actually changing the system is important, and want to seize the small window we have here to become a dominant party, here is the blueprint. 

Our Godfather wrote it in 1992, it’s high time we quit ignoring him.

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