The Ugly Truth About Labor Day

Working on Labor Day is the most American thing you can do.

I will be working this Labor Day, as I have done for the last 15 years, in protest of this abominable Marxist holiday and its violent birth.

In 1848 Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, in which he outlined 10 planks to be used to make free Republics Socialist. Among them was what he called “industrial armies”. Collectivising workers to stifle productivity by replacing merit and individual work achievement with seniority and cronyism is an essential part of the war on free market capitalism.

The economy of the free Republic must be crushed to create fertile ground for Socialist propaganda. Marx created a plan that used a graduated income tax, creation of a central banking system, and creation of labor unions to crush entrepreneurship and the private businesses born of this deeply American value from 3 sides, in addition to other planks creating regulatory nightmares.

By ruining economic prosperity and opportunity, Marx sought to create masses of impoverished people begging for a savior. The movement would assault the rule of law with the mob rule of Democracy, pushing it towards Socialism.

The upheaval would allow for acceleration using violent tactics and riots. Before the BLM and ANTIFA movements were murdering police officers and citizens during riots, the labor movement did so, and Labor Day was born to appease them in the same manner Democrat mayors pander to a different sort of looter in 2020.

The Industrial Revolution brought many social upheavals and increasing immigration to the United States, and there certainly were big problems with child labor and abuse of workers. Unions like to brag about their role in ending them, as if there were no other options. Peel back the historical revisionism, and you see another example of the left never letting a crisis go to waste.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple and wrong.

H. L. Mencken

As Marx’s unions arose in the late 1800’s, they began to riot. They called them strikes, which is much like calling today’s riots “peaceful protests”. On September 5, 1882, 10,000 left wing labor movement agitators refused to work and marched on New York City, and this is considered to be the first “Labor Day Parade”. The cancer spread to many cities and states, and the events hsd frequent violence.

In Chicago, on May 4, 1886, there was a “strike”, during which the union members threw a bomb at the police, and subsequently rioted. Several officers were killed, and eight Marxist labor leaders were convicted. Just like the pedophiles, murderers, and arsonists of the modern left, the convicted criminals were called martyrs by the unions.

The left does not change much, their tactics are as predictable as they are effective.

The unrest continued, and on June 6, 1894, American Railroad Union leader Eugene Debs, crippled the nations transportation by calling a national strike. At least 12 and as many as 30 were killed in subsequent riots, which federal troops were forced to quell in Chicago.

Debs was sent to prison, where he immersed himself in Marxist literature and became one of the eras leading Socialist leaders. President Grover Cleveland and Congress passed legislation to appease the mob, hoping to end the annual walkouts and violence. Labor Day was created and declared a federal holiday on June 28, 1894.

Labor Unions only thrive where workers are forced into them, just as Socialism itself is always forced on a nation through subterfuge and conspiracy. Membership rates in states with “Right To Work” laws forbidding forced unionization, compared to those without them make that pretty clear. The good news for America is these unions are slowly dying, and with them the threat they pose to liberty and the economy.

For the first time in my memory a Presidential candidate who was not a Democrat picked up a union endorsement, the largest police union in the country. Public sector unions need to die first though, as they serve nothing but to dramatically increase extortion of the taxpayers.

Monstrosities like the Davis Bacon act, and many other tumors from the national cancer of the Marxist labor union movement must all be cut out if we are to restore the Republic.

A great way to start is remembering the bloody history and weak political spines behind Labor Day, and celebrating it by working while the left riots in the streets.

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