Blood, Treasure, and Trump


Which Presidential candidate has the most potential to advance the highest priority Libertarian principles, and all three areas of the war for our freedom?

The Democrats have finally announced their Vice Presidential candidate.

The Democratic nomination of Joe Biden, the architect of the modern Prison Industrial Complex, seemed tone deaf in light of the current spotlight on police misconduct.

The choice of Kamela Harris, one of the police state’s most brutal enforcers, seems even more absurd.

In reality though, it is not absurd at all, when you understand the Democratic Party, ANTIFA, and BLM for what their true goals are. These subversive groups are dedicated Marxists, who exploit racial grievances to advance their revolutionary Communist goals. This has been a theme since the birth of the American left in the 1920’s Progressive movement. Before the subversion of the civil rights movement by Marxists, the exploitation of race by those with ulterior motive was widely known.

There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs. Partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

-Booker T. Washington, 1911

There are three areas that we need to conquer in order to restore the Libertarian Republic of our founding fathers.

  • The political system that has degenerated into Democratic Socialism must be broken down.
  • We must have a spiritual revival that places faith, morality, and self discipline in the forefront of the minds of the people.
  • We also need a cultural revival that celebrates the principles of the Great Enlightenment, which balanced the deep faith free people require with science, reason, and a disdain for Theocracy and authoritarianism. These ideals are enshrined in our Bill of Rights, and form the basis of American Civic Nationalism that produced the most free and prosperous nation the world has ever known.

The discussion of the Democrats can end here, because their goals are totally incongruent with any of the three.

The Libertarian Party candidates pass muster on the first one. Jorgensen and Cohen would surely do their best to break down big government. The problem with them is they are woefully ignorant of the imperative to address the other 2 as well, and at the same time. They are the classic “Modal Libertarians” Murray Rothbard warned us about.

To understand why this is so important, think of liberty as our body, and our political system as the bones. Broken bones surely make it difficult to function. But the cultural elements are our brain and the faith element our very soul.

We can live with the difficulties of broken bones if we are still animated by a soul with a conscious brain. We do it every day struggling through the taxes and regulations to feed our families.

Without the soul and its consciousness though, we are dead and the bones are irrelevant. No people without deep faith, morality, and reverence for their heritage and culture will ever be free or stay that way.

This is something most people have an intuitive sense of.

The lack of understanding of this element of human psychology in Libertarian circles is why Libertarians stand perplexed as Conservatives vote for RINO’s who ban guns and raise taxes. They hear you state all the correct policy, but you are in bed with the left in matters of faith, traditionalism, and culture. This is why, as Larry Sharp stated so well, you have been winning arguments and losing elections for 40 years.

The degenerate culture of modal libertarianism is fueled by the paid agents who have been noted in FOIA’s and Wikileaks, dating to the dawn of the party, when at least 3 federal informants were placed on the very first LNC.

The reason I do not give up on the LP is because I know that we will crush the duopoly once we find a way to out the subversives and excise the cancer of modal libertarianism.

I know this because the godfather of the Libertarian Party already proved it.

In 1993 he wrote the blueprint for the rise of the Libertarian Party, in an essay. Upon reading it you will see the exact blueprint of MAGA, which propelled Trump, an outsider hated by both sides of the duopoly, to the White House….in just one year.

Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen have been pandering to the hatemongers that are literally tearing down our culture, and are as tone deaf to the importance of faith and tradition as the DNC nomination of Biden and Harris was to those suffering under state abuse of power.

They may have all the correct policies, but focusing on the skeleton as the brain dies and the soul is crushed will not make any meaningful difference in the health of the body of our Republic.

In contrast, Trump is on the right side of history. While Jorgensen and Cohen urge support for the violent racist commies of BLM and ANTIFA, Trump is defending our veteran memorials and historic artifacts from these rabble. He is inspiring people to remember God and country as the LP ticket gives speeches before the mobs burning them down. BLM is a foreign funded terrorist group acting as the modern “Brown Shirts” for the DNC. Jorgensen’s response:

Jo Jorgensen on Black Lives Matter: ‘I Think We Should Support the Protesters’

There is no excusing and no forgiving this.

The LP ticket should be stoking the fires of right wing populism, waving Confederate flags, defending monuments, and speaking about the principle of secession enshrined in so many LP platforms.

They should be speaking to patriots fighting the mobs in the streets where the state has refused to protect the citizens, not pandering to those murdering, burning, and looting. Even better they should be joining the fight, gunning down scum like Garrett Foster instead of joining the enemy attempts to make a martyr out of a Communist who initiated force.

Without passionate support for the righteous side of the culture and faith wars at the core of our struggle for liberty, the policy positions of the LP ticket are meaningless.

Blood and Treasure

Getting to the meat of policy, and the skeleton, or third part, we could do much worse than Donald Trump.

I have long criticized the LP for a lack of focus. We should always prioritize the biggest losses of blood and treasure.

The President is a figurehead, and cannot solve all of America’s problems. As the leader of the free world their power lies in the energy and focus brought to certain issues.

While modal libertarians are whining about weed and trans rights, Trump just brought home 12,000 troops from Germany. In 2017 there were 2,000 troops in Syria, today there are 200. In Afghanistan 2,000 troops were brought home by 2019 reducing the number to 12-13,000, and withdrawals continue toward the next reduction target of 8,600, compared to the height of 100,000 troops there.

Trump cannot end a 75 year military industrial complex in one or even two terms. He has made tangible progress, and more importantly he has stolen the anti-war energy from the left and rebranded it as “America First”.

He has made it cool to hate NATO, the UN, and the other hallmarks of interventionism.


Trump has also drawn attention to the international banking cabal, scathing the FED, and withdrawn us from the globalist World Health Organization.

The most important thing he has done is draw a line in the sand against the American left, clearly identifying them as the enemy and actively opposing them and trolling them at every opportunity.

These things all Trump, pun intended, any incorrect positions he might hold or correct ones Jorgensen may hold.

Jorgensen and Cohen have chosen the enemies side in the most important and vital area in the struggle for liberty. All Libertarians should work as hard as possible to destroy them both and distance ourselves from them.

If we want to see a future for Libertarianism, let the 2020 LP ticket bleed votes from Democrats horrified by the DNC candidates, as we make sure no American is unaware of our disdain for the betrayal of our principles that started with Jorgensen’s #BLM on Twitter that started the great exodus of the party from our own candidate.

We need to go all in on Donald Trump for 2020, and begin the ground work for a MAGA sequel. In the sequel Libertarians use the blueprint Murray Rothbard left us, not a Republican outsider.

We all thank Donald Trump for his heroism in the culture and faith war, capitalize on it by crushing the left on the streets and in the ballot box.

We finally achieve the goals the LP was founded to accomplish, and we call our sequel “Make America Free Again”.

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One thought on “Blood, Treasure, and Trump

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this. The chief problem with the LP is that since Gary Johnson, the LP has not been… libertarian. They started pandering to the Bernie left instead of the never Trump disaffected constitutionalists and Republicans. This never made any sense to me. They whine and point to “But GJ got us a better turn out than ever!”

    Yes, he traded on principles and branding to get you in the news. Attaboy.


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