Libertarians and a Burning Rome


David Azerrad published a powerful piece in The American Conservative, titled “American Conservatism is Fiddling While Rome Burns”.

The critique of modern Conservatism is fantastic.

The critique of Libertarianism not so much, in the sense it critiques a “modal libertarianism” that Murray Rothbard, godfather of the LP, also critiqued with the same vigor.

These people are currently the loudest voices, and they are paid well as controlled opposition to keep us irrelevant and marginalized.

What the article says relating to Libertarians is on point, if we were to take these agent provocateurs as representative of the true spirit of liberty.

The article is very useful, in that it describes all the reasons the LP remains impotent. The embracing of Marxist open borders, nihilism, and ignoring when free trade promotes slavery and oppression.

These are the things the enemy pays to put in our platform, and the amateur useful idiots holding many offices in the party go along with out of stupidity and/or ignorance. Take note, learn to recognize it, and join the fight to cut the cancer out.

The stakes grow higher daily. Rome is burning.

Soon there will be no more ignoring it, and the winds of change will blow hard on the American political system.

I will be there catching those winds in the sails of my political longboat, bringing war to the enemies of America and freedom.

I suggest any Libertarians who care about the end goal of freedom pull their heads out of their asses, reject the leftist nonsense and the enemy agents promoting it in the party, and join the raiding party for our natural rights.

Woe to those who choose to face the axe rather than bear it against the enemy.

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