On Johnny Reb’s Removal

Mob rule in clown world, the beast devours all.


By: Ryan Ramsey

Today the Taliban decapitated another American on video. This time though, the Taliban leader is not pictured on a deck of cards in the rucksack of a soldier. He was printed on the last ballot, and his name is Mayor Lenny Curry.

The memorial placed in Jacksonville’s Hemming Park by its namesake in 1898 was arguably the most powerful symbols of what we all lost in the 19th century fratricide that scars our nation to this day. It was known as the “Civil War” to some, and the “War of Northern Aggression” to the rest of us. Nobody won that war.

While the revisionists and those seeking political gain like to cast the Confederacy as fighting for slavery, and the noble Abe Lincoln fighting for human rights, no serious historian accepts that view.

Only upon education and reflection can you understand what Curry’s Taliban destroyed in the dark of night early this morning.

You see, the civil war did not end slavery. In fact, the Emancipation Proclamation did not even apply in the north and some parts of the south. What really happened was abolition of the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights, and the enslavement of the rest of the nation not in bondage in 1861. United in servitude to a tyrannical federal oppressor that plagues us more every year since.

The decapitated monument in Hemming Park stood with his rifle at the ready, warning us as the prophecies of seccessionists came true.

He watched as the IRS and Federal Reserve Act began our perpetual fleecing and funded a century of unjust war. He stared on a diagonal path right at the towers of those banksters and also watched the federal courthouse rise to complete his view.

In that courthouse, a generation of Americans, many of them black, would begin long terms in cages for crimes with no victim. The enforcement arms of the federal beast would drag its victims right in front of him into her belly of concrete hell. He stared them down, reminding them that one day the rebel spirit could rise again to stop the abuse by the beast.

The irony of using a government abuse of power in Minnesota as an excuse to remove him will live on in epic irony.

Even in the decapitation, Johnny Reb will still leave his mark.

His final act was to show us the fate we brought on ourselves by abandoning the Republic for the mob rule of Democracy.

Those promoting our cultural genocide like to say the memorials were symbols of hate placed there during the 20th century civil rights movement and deserve to be removed.

They are 100% wrong of course, but facts mean little in clown world.

The newest Confederate memorial was placed here in 1926, long before the Confederate veterans home closed in 1938.

The grieving wives, children, and friends of the dead placed these solemn reminders of their loss, and of the courage of their loved ones around town during the nation’s healing and recovery.

As ignorance and blind hate fuels their removal, the banksters and the federal beast have finally vanquished the last symbol of resistance to their goals of global slavery.

Old wounds have been reopened, new wounds are bleeding, some from the mob, some from the hearts of those seeing their ancestors insulted and degraded.

Our nation is now divided and we are fighting each other in the streets. The political class is laughing and scooping up their share of each side’s anger, hoping it parlays into a win in November.

As they erase the memory of the last Civil War, what is America going to do?

By the looks of it, we are intent on having another one.

I hope your side wins and it is worth the blood, pain, sorrow, and poverty.

I hope it is worth the life sentence imposed on your kids who will spend their fleeting days on earth in the aftermath.

Maybe this time we will learn our lesson.

Maybe our kids will make monuments to our suffering so future generations will learn from their mistakes and not repeat them.

Maybe this time nobody will tear them down.


About the Jacksonville Confederate Memorial Destroyed June 9, 2020

The unveiling ceremony took place on June 16, 1898, and coincided with the reunion in Jacksonville of the UCV’s Florida Division. Hemming donated the monument to the State of Florida, and Governor William D. Bloxham accepted the memorial on behalf of the state.

Though Hemming did not attend the dedication, General Fitzhugh Lee, the nephew of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, was in the reviewing stand, and the grandson of Union General Ulysses S. Grant watched the unveiling from the piazza of the Windsor Hotel. In addition, both northern and southern troops from Camp Cuba Libre attended the ceremony, and much of the oratory concerned the reuniting of the North and South.

The monument rises sixty-two feet from a square foundation. A column, extends up from the base (both made of Vermont granite), and is topped by the bronze figure of a Confederate soldier in winter uniform. He stands at ease, with hands clasping the barrel of his rifle that rests on the ground, and on his cap are the initials, “J.L.I.”, representing the Jacksonville Light Infantry.

Bronze plaques, with images of Southern heroes sculpted in relief, are mounted on three sides of the base: A bust of Confederate General Kirby Smith on the north; a scene of Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson with their drum corps on the west; and a bust of General J.J. Dickinson, commander of the UCV’s Florida Division on the south.

Confederate Memorial in Hemming Plaza On the east side of the base is a plaque with the following inscription, most likely written by Charles Hemming:

TO THE SOLDIERS OF FLORIDA This shaft is by a comrade raised in testimony of his love, recalling deeds immortal, heroism unsurpassed. With ranks unbroken, ragged, starved and decimated, the Southern soldier for duty’s sake, undaunted, stood to the front of the battle until no light remained to illumine the field of carnage, save the luster of his chivalry and courage. Nor shall your glory be forgot, While fame her record keeps, CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL 1861-1865





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