Stop The Street Protests

Don’t ruin the opportunity for reform by letting the left exploit the tragedy in MN.

By: Ryan Ramsey

The MN 3rd precinct station was burned to ashes.

The cop who killed Floyd had his charges upgraded and the 3 “pork products” on scene were arrested yesterday.

The autopsy reports of the Mr. Floyd’s COVID-19 positive status, and the fentanyl and other drugs in his system are going to complicate the prosecution. They may walk.

Is your goal to solve the underlying issues?

Watching protests nationwide it looks more like the goal is to be the coolest kid in your echo chamber to half the country, and to become a meme to the other half.

Protests are for raising awareness, and at this point, everyone is aware.

Last week, even my hard right friends agreed the shit was awful and were condemning it. A few days into these riots, and fairly normal people are disgusted enough to want to go to the streets and smash ANTIFA with the far right.

At this point, any march is nothing more than masturbatory virtue signaling, counterproductive, and literal sabotage.

Neo-Marxist terror/hate groups like ANTIFA and BLM are present at every rally, chanting “no justice, no peace”, a violent threat that says “we will burn, loot, and murder if we don’t get compliance”.

Funny, that is the same attitude we are upset with racist cops about.

Throwing rocks at cops in Florida because of what cops in MN did is not going to change anything.

There is a Florida House candidate running that will sponsor the Jason Westcott Uniform Florida Body Camera Act if elected. It has real teeth and addresses disclosure.

If you want to make a real difference donate to Mr. Linne here.

I am drafting a bill to end the claims bill scam in FL. With our Balanced Budget Amendment in Florida, this repeal would mean lawsuit payouts force the cutting of pork and state agencies, creating an incentive for reform in the only place that matters to the political class… their money.

Help me end this blight on justice and give a fitting legacy to Mr. Floyd, instead of hurting more innocent people.

In addition, the first Libertarian in US Congress, Justin Amash, filed a bill to end qualified immunity nationwide. Making government as accountable as the citizenry is a major step to a new dawn for justice in this nation.

I am also seeking to flood local government with pro-liberty candidates next midterm. Many of these offices only require a $25.00 fee to run. These are races that unconnected regular people can win. Instead of running around the streets pissing people off, run for office.

Success on these political fronts will be dramatic and permanent change to the root cause of the problem in our culture and in law enforcement.

Why would a literal Nazi, George Soros, and the Neo-Marxist Democrat establishement fund ANTIFA and BLM? The answer is as simple as it is insidious.

Conrolled opposition is the oldest trick in politics, and all of the feigned concern on the left for the plight of minorities is part of a plot hatched a century ago by the Frankfurt School.

This does not mean a large chunk of protestors don’t care about Floyd, or police abuse.

What is does mean is nefarious special interest groups want to hijack the tragedy for ulterior motive, and exploit people to serve as useful idiots and sabotage their own goals. This has been the Communist playbook from day one.

Optics matter, PR matters, strategy matters, tactics matter, the real goal is what should really matter.

If you really want to end police abuse and racism, go home and deprive the enemy of propaganda. Contact me and I will give you something productive to do.

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