Digging For Roots

There are really just two categories of people in this world, down at the core level. Ostara/Easter is a perfect day to think about the implications.

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Group 1, The Man Who Can Be Free

The members of the first group are happy, and choose to find lessons and wisdom in the harder times. They nearly always succeed in discovering what they are looking for.

They gain strength and insight from everything good or bad, and they take the effort needed to ritualize basic principles into the way they deal with others. They are also on guard to prevent negative outlooks from becoming ritualized. Life does not just happen to them, it is viewed through a lens chosen for a history of merit going back millenia.

Group 1 accepts inequity as part of natural law, and knows that life is not fair. They read the manual of business and relationship rules knowing that anything built on a bad foundation will fall. They start at the root rather then get lost in the branches.

Being proactive is part of their identity, and they gain inner strength from it, as well as cultivating outward security and resilience that protects in times of trouble.

Group 2, A Problem No Government Reform Can Solve

The second group is the majority, and they are unhappy and drive the growth of government and the corrosion of the culture.

While Group 1 people can find happiness, even while being poor, Group 2 will be rich and kill themselves in their mansion.

Group 2 will react to before they listen, and turn discussions into arguments.

They lose the chance to truly understand people and events, and never get closure. They do not let facts change their political identity. Their troubles often repeat themselves. They do not dig for deeper meaning, so they stay on the petty and superficial level of less civilized man which needs authoritarian government to keep his behavior in check.

As they age, group 2 becomes increasingly negative, cynical, and plays the victim card as a habit. They will never really trust, forgive, or show true fidelity. They will not lead lives of purpose or joy, and will not care if they are free on the level a free society needs from its citizens.

They think it was easier to ignore problems or avoid them, but avoiding conflict did not make it go away. Group 2 stuffs their problems into their own head, each one is like a brick, and they build walls in their own mind.

The bricks will eventually become too heavy. At this point they have built their own prison or tomb. They do not care if the rest of us have to live in one also.

Switching from group 2 to group 1 is easy. The longer you have been in the lower form of thinking, the heavier the bricks will be to remove. I have ideas on that elephant in the room in coming weeks.

To ever be free, we need to shift the bulk of the nation to Group 1, establishing some things in our society in a way we all expect them from each other in family and business, and we focus on the next generation being taught these, and that they are even more important than reading or math.

We need to accept that we can control our thoughts, words, and deeds, and that we all accept some very basic things. We do this already…do not hurt people or take their stuff…We can do this without laws, more to come on that.

We will need to accept these rules and principles and create social pressure to promote abiding by them when nobody is looking. Corrupt people vote for the same.

You will have to accept an impartial arbiter of your disputes, which are ancient honor codes and a respect for the word of yourself and others. This does not suggest establishment of religion,  because nearly all world religion or codes of conduct are the same.

A Christian’s 10 Commandments or a Heathen’s 9 Noble Virtues are very compatible in context. There are atheist ethicists and philosophers and there are universal moral codes we can all agree on, the issue is making it a trend, finding ways to convince not coerce.

This stuff does not require an identity shift, and the genius in us taking the lead could be a key way to break through. More on that as well coming soon.

People will have to learn how too admit they were wrong and make amends, but the trade off is that everyone will be equal in a way we have never been able to attain in our society. This is akin to a new “Enlightenment.

I have written before about the need to restore our families and culture so that people once again have the basic ability to self govern. That has to happen if we ever expect to roll back the Globalist Superstate rising under us.

I have many new things in the works on this new front I intend to open up in the war for our freedom, and some angles in the works to bring it to the table as the warm sub shines on me today.

This Ostara, or Easter as some call it, is about birth, fertility, rebirth, hope, and rising from the dead to save mankind.

So many themes surrounding this holiday make it a great time to celebrate the idea of a rebirth, a resurrection of ourselves, our nation, and our liberties.

Bloom like the forests and meadows are all around you right now.

Maybe it is a great time to roll the boulders away from the tombs we made for ourselves. 

Ostara and Easter blessings to all my countrymen.


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