Global Dissident Voices, Legislative Action Report – Florida Gun Control

Fighting Republican Gun Control In Florida’s Capitol

After Mike Bloomberg paid Florida Senate President Bill Galvano (R) a $500,000.00 bribe, he once again went to war on Floridian’s inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

Joining with activists from Florida Carry Inc., The Libertarian Party of Florida, and a real liberty Republican candidate, Steven Linne, we opposed Mom’s Demand Action and lobbied legislators in the capitol to stop the latest GOP gun grab.

With a 2/3 GOP majority in the Florida House, gun control should be a dead issue, but the Republican Party of Florida is now commie lite.

With a 2 pronged attack of promoting the Libertarian Party and promoting an insurgency of real Conservatives in the GOP, we are fighting back with the gloves off.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Gun rights advocates gather at the Capitol in support of the Second Amendment

One thought on “Global Dissident Voices, Legislative Action Report – Florida Gun Control

  1. Florida voters need to be shown libertarian planks on 2A. Republicans would send their own mothers to Auschwitz for a chance to watch someone else toss a grenade into a women’s clinic. The only reason they fake any interest in economic freedom or the Bill of Rights is because godless communists don’t. Libertarian spoiler votes are the way to oust the fakes so their buddies that survive the next election will reject Kristallnacht gun laws. Circulating pics of shellshocked rednecks ain’t the answer.


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