Zimmerman Should Sue CNN and Google Too

The bias against George Zimmerman is the worst media slander since Richard Jewell was falsely accused of the Olympic Park bombing.

Trayvon Martin was an asshole who died a violent criminal and he deserved every bullet.

His parents are irresponsible assholes who should pay every cent of the $100 million dollars George Zimmerman seeks in damages. Then they should beg whatever God they worship to forgive them for not teaching their son that being a thug only ends one way. The fact George Zimmerman was the trigger man is incidental.

Now for the media and the American left wing’s turn for rebuke. No case of media bias I can think of approaches this level of “clown world” lunacy.

After the news of Zimmermans lawsuit, I googled “Trayvon”. I noticed every picture was a childhood one of him, from years before the incident.

As if that was not disgusting enough, the sidebar had links to Emmett Till and Rodney King. Rodney King was also an asshole but so were the LAPD.

Comparing Trayvon, the MMA trained thug expelled for drugs and fighting, and shot during a brutal aggravated assault, to a lynched boy in the Jim Crow south is beyond despicable.

Those search suggestions are manipulated and we all know it.

Doing that dishonors the real victims of racism and is probably the worst thing about the entire propaganda campaign by the left surrounding this incident.

I am not CNN and MSNBC.

I am an American who believes in truth and justice.

I am going to show you who Trayvon Martin really was. Here are pictures actually taken around the time his trip to make an opiate laced drink called “lean” took a detour into aggravated assault on George Zimmerman, who subsequently cured the little shithead’s obvious lead deficiency.

The media turned the entire incident into a black on white racism fest, despite the fact Zimmerman is latino. But even worse is how they refuse to show the injuries to the victim.

Trayvon Martin had George Zimmerman in full mount. This is a martial arts position of total control. He was bashing his head over and over into the concrete. He could have easily died at any second and his eyes were blurred and watering from an automatic response to having your nose crunched like it was.

I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt. Anyone with any knowledge will tell you that if you end up in full mount in a street fight with your head on concrete it is time for steel asap, gun or knife, you have seconds to figure it out- if you are lucky.

None of these pictures are flashing across CNN or your local controlled media are they? They certainly aren’t on a Google search about the suit unless you specify. They are creating the false narrative like they did when they fed you endless hours of how shitty a person Richard Jewell was. Here is what the asshole in the pictures above did before instant karma came his way:

I hope George Zimmerman wins his lawsuit against the parents of Trayvon Martin.

I hope he files another one against CNN, NBC, MSNBC, and all the other neo-Marxist race pimps we call the mainstream media, and I hope he wins that too.

I hope this whole debacle teaches a lesson to the left and the asshole thug teenagers of this country and their shitty parents as well.

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