A New Take on ICE, the Wall, and Border Security

ICE should be abolished because it is redundant, ignoring the lessons of 911. Mines could secure our border and end pseudo-slavery at a fraction of the cost, as well as stop the tunnels that easily defeat the wall.

Abolish ICE

No, The Liberarian Heathen did not become a modal libertarian, but we should abolish ICE because it is redundant and wasteful. We have a Border Patrol, we don’t need endless alphabet soup agencies. We should have learned after 911 that too many departments cannot share intel or coordinate, and this is dangerous. Streamline border enforcement and reduce spending. This is a no brainer.

Why not let them come?

I wrote a more philosophical and scientific critique of open border policy, which can be read HERE.

Without delving that deep, anyone who claims to support liberty must support ruthless border enforcement because illegal immigration creates an underclass of exploited second class citizens. You either support slavery or you are a libertarian, pick one.

Everyone in this nation should have the same rights and responsibilities. Illegal immigration allows corrupt oligarchs, businessmen, and their henchmen to exploit and oppress migrants.

When illegal immigrants are injured, taxpayers eat the cost at emergency rooms, so the scumbag farmers and contractors can avoid workers compensation insurance payments. Illegal immigrants are bullied into risk taking and forced into sex, because they cannot call the police or own firearms. Nobody should be helpless on our soil.

Modal libertarians and Anarcho-Communists love to speak of “imaginary lines”, and talk of immigration in terms of “freedom of travel” and other such nonsense.

To understand the difference between theory and practice, read HERE about a local farm to understand what illegal immigration really looks like. We must stop this plague against our very humanity.

Close the border, deport them all. Create a logical system to provide seasonal labor, and a fair one for legal immigration. The reason we suffer year after year at a 130+ billion cost annually is because until we deport them and secure the border, there is no market force demanding fair immigration policy.

This issue has zero to do with racism, xenophobia, or the other epithets thrown around by neo-communists who want the illegal alien vote and the strain on social services they cause in support of their Cloward-Piven strategy.

This is about clearing out state obstacles to free markets and liberty. It may be painful, like cutting out any other cancer, but it is just as necessary.

The Wall Is Not The Solution

This could be us, but your pathological altruism makes you stupid and liberal

I oppose the wall. Smugglers of shitty weed, middle eastern terrorists, fentanyl, and sex slaves have been tunneling under the border for decades with elaborate projects that include rail cars and lighting. The wall is also enormously expensive and libertarians are not keen on costly government projects. There is a solution and we have already paid for the bulk of it.

Mine the Border

Land mines are cheaper and more effective than a wall, and we have the tech to mine our border in a way digging tunnels will set them off and blow them up. We have enough land mines in storage already to do the job, and many are WW-2 era and becoming unstable. This will soon require a massive disposal effort if we do not find a place to use them. By mining the border, that issue is solved. As the explosives become unstable with age in coming decades, they would start randomly going off here and there, providing additional deterrent. Even illiterate illegal immigrants would be able to easily understand the simple warning signs. We could recycle retired highway signs for the effort, help the environment, and save money.

End Modern Slavery, And Keep it Simple

  • No Wall
  • Abolish ICE and streamline Border Patrol
  • Mine the Border

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