Sending Love To Hong Kong

America Means More Than Most Americans Know

Reports out of Hong Kong are that protesters against the Chinese Communists are waving American Flags and singing our National Anthem.

My journey to embrace a Nationalist Libertarian outlook began when I rallied behind Cuban dissidents imprisoned for opening the Benjamin Franklin Library in Havana.

I began to understand that nation is not government. Nations are voluntary associations, and their value lies in what principles the nation chooses to define itself under. When an American whines about not signing the social contract, they reject freedom of speech, and the rest of the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

When you kneel for the National Anthem and refuse to respect our flag, you ironically side with segregated water fountains, slavery, and fire hoses used on black people. That flag was sewn a decade or more before the Constitution was even written, by revolutionary freedom fighters. It is a symbol that spirit, not the state.

The gold standard of explaining Nationalism was written by the Godfather of the Libertarian Party, Murray Rothbard. In “Nations By Consent“, he explains the right of men to form nations and define the nature of their own society.

The American Guard has defined the core of the American identity in “The Four Pillars“. We defined this identity based on ideas, not skin color or other factors. There is nothing more American than to let people be free to do as they wish, so long as they do not harm another or their property.

We are all so spoiled. Despite America’s problems, we are a light unto the world. These brave people fighting Socialist oppression across the globe celebrate us, even as so many here scoff at the idea of American greatness.

While commie knee takers and flag burners have the right to do so, protesting the nation for respecting your rights is worthy of ridicule, and we should mock and condemn them for their foolishness.

America is awesome. Those fighting for liberty in Cuba, Venezuela, Hong Kong…you are awesome. We love you.

Constitutional Nationalism means that we love a nation founded on the principles enumerated in the Bill of Rights. Should we not form a nation based on respect for the inalienable rights of man ? Now that we have this nation, who can say the idea is not worthy of defense? Who would, but those seeking to enslave us and curtail our exercise of that liberty?

I am proud to call myself a Nationalist in the nation founded on these sacred principles. We should all be proud, and fight to keep this nation alive, which is the inspiration for billions of people around the world.

Maybe we need a Cuban Guard, and a Chinese Guard. Maybe every country needs a guard.

… be continued

2 thoughts on “Sending Love To Hong Kong

  1. I stand with the Hong Kongers for truly they are fighting for their lives against the extradition bill, but please know that those who flew the U.S. flag practically voided the whole protest by that act. PROC will now use this as an excuse to say the protest is a U.S. funded operation. They will use it as a way to disqualify the protestors, not to mention, even disquade other Chinese patriots who are against the extradition bill to join the protests. Those images, the U.S. flag, and anthem singing have really hurt their cause. 😦


    1. They said the same thing about Venezuela. But I know it was not the US government, since I was one of the people helping them, and US intelligence services and troops are obstacles to helping them. End interventionism by government.


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