Politicized Genitalia

Thoughts on the Frankfurt School “Pride Month”

By: Ryan Ramsey

This picture is ridiculous. So are the narratives ebbing and flowing among the body politic regarding “lbgtqchomoetc” and “pride month”.

I wrote about “Hate Bait” during the engineered controversy regarding the “migrant caravan”. I had to make a correction, it was engineered by Maduro, not Soros, but it was neo-Marxist trickery designed to bring the worst out in people. So is this pride month nonsense.

While it may seem innocent on the surface, a closer look finds nothing but divisive hate bait. First of all the proponents of these pride months are the same people who mock those who honor their ancestry, nation, and/or culture. The story begins with “you are a backwards ingrate for honoring your ancestors, celebrate what you do with your genitals”. It is hypocritical to the point where I want to punch them just on that. I am smart enough not to take the hate bait though.

I am well aware that when an identity is assaulted the tendency is to rally around it. That is why I yelled “white power” at the illegal mexicans murdering my friends for being white and robbing my parents via Californias taxation in my youth. It is why I appreciate some of what Malcolm X had to say in the 60’s, but find little inspiration in most ethno-nationalist sentiments today in communities with special rights, having long ago achieved equal rights.

The gay community no longer gets arrested, and I work daily with people that were intolerant in past decades but now call gay people brothers and sisters. I will go to my grave baffled at the idea turning your relationships over to state control was a civil rights victory, but gay marriage is here. There are a plethora of social media sites for gay couples to find surrogates and sperm donors. At this point Americans almost feel like they need to have a gay friend to be cool.

I was reading an article posted by my brother, “The Narrative Assassin”, as part of a discussion about a new wave of anti-gay sentiment. My observation is that it is engineered and many of you are playing the unwitting role of hate bait or the rabble dancing for the puppeteers.

No party has been friendlier to the gay community than the Libertarians, but at our last convention we suffered dildo waving Communists, and even the best of us thought of suspending the NAP for a minute. When you have already won and you keep pushing buttons, you arm the intolerant. You are making their prophecies true. You become a tool, you become hate bait.

I talked to many gay people incensed about the addition of pedophilia, making it ” lgbtqp”, because they knew this could bring back violent reactions towards them. I think the Marxists who co-opt a portion of all civil rights movements are working overtime right now to keep anti-gay sentiments alive. They will lose a powerful weapon against our nation if we all accept gay people and go on about our business.

You won gay folks. What you do with your genitals and who you love is not even on the list of America’s problems, other than a few throwbacks and these Frankfurt School agitators pushing pride month.

For pride month I think y’all should be proud to be American, and recognize continued politicizing of your genitals is demeaning, and just making yourselves hate bait.

The vast majority of us put about as much thought into “I am gay” as we do “I prefer Pepsi”. I was once a far right leader, and today I am an honorary latina lesbian (long story).

Lets take pride month away from the Marxists who wish to exploit your past struggles and make you hate bait for a dying breed of religious zealot.

Raise a suspicious eyebrow at anyone waving dildos or taking the bait and obsessing about anothers bedroom activity. Lets just be proud to be Americans, who honor our tradition of leaving each other alone, to live and love as we please.

That is something we can all be proud of, together.

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