Why Is Europe So Effeminate And Socialist?

A warning for America on the consequences of the Military Industrial Complex.

Why is Europe populated by effeminate men who embrace Socialism?

The answer is simple, all the real men in Europe with a sense of honor and duty died in WW-1 and WW-2.

Post-war Europe was repopulated by the weak and cowardly who shirked their patriotic duty, producing a continent full of leg crossing effeminates who give up their guns, whore their daughters out to rape gangs, and vote for the likes of Macron and Merkle.

Countries like Poland amd Hungary who did not field large armies are the only bright spots outside of the RAC scene, Soldiers of Odin, and similar small pockets in the western portion, the remnant of Europes balls.

This is why you do not send our men to war unless absolutely necessary.

Why do we need to abandon interventionist foreign policy, and leave NATO and the UN?

Look no farther than the modern Western European male. The only hope for those pathetic liberals of Western Europe is a Russian invasion, and a post victory injection of testosterone laden DNA after the terrorist parasites are eliminated or sent home, something that will never happen otherwise.

The only alternative is to empower a nuclear armed caliphate in a generation or two, that our kids will be forced to fight in a world war beyond anything yet seen, something that could send America to the same fate as modern Western Europe.

Think about it. Bring them home.

America First!

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