We Are Orion

“Under the stars with the children and the ancestors as we near the end of Yule.”

I have been spending some time with the family and communicating with varied and diverse freedom fighters across planet earth over the last few weeks.

Our ancestral tradition this time of year compels my family to spend some time outside under the stars, and around a fire, to commune with our ancestors who sacrificed so we could be here today. It brought back a ton of memories and led to some introspection.

I first saw Orion, the Warrior/Hunter, in the Sierra Nevada mountains as a kid. It is so bright, and I was born attracted to the warrior lifestyle, so it was a sort of patron constellation. It watched over me at sea on the bow of a naval warship, and on top of a mountain on the Blue Ridge. In the Lappland above the Arctic Circle in Sweden I could almost touch it.

I think it has become an even more important celestial talisman of sorts as I come to grips with the death of my son Alexander and the extremes of pain, success, conspiracy, hope, life, pain, and birth that swirled all around it.

I was able to spend some time with American Guard brothers from California and Georgia in the last few weeks. I have been communicating with men and women fighting for freedom from Africa to Cuba, Washington State to New York. They are the most amazing people to walk this earth.

The iron will of the Partido Libertario Cubano, Jose Marti, the necks who bow to no red scum, they humble us all. The boldness of the African Libertarians who are building their own city governed their own way. The victory of Jeff Hewitt in CA and the triumph of Operation First Step. My embattled ally in South Florida moves to work for the President of Georgia. I watched a glorious video of Frenchmen who dumped animal dung on an animal of a politician….in his own office. All around the world the spirit of a bold resistance to neo-Marxist Globalism seems to be rising.

As I had a sip of the mead tonight, with the children gathered around the fire, I thought of the mythology surrounding Orion.

Orion has been associated in virtually all-ancient cultures with great national heroes, warriors, or demigods. Yet, in contrast to Hercules, who was credited with a detailed series of exploits, Orion seems to us a vague and shadowy figure.

The ancient mythological stories of Orion are so many and so confused that it is almost impossible to choose among all of them.Even the origin of the name Orion is obscure, though some scholars have suggested a connection with the Greek “Arion,” meaning simply warrior.

All, however, agree that he was the mightiest hunter in the world and he is always pictured in the stars with his club upraised in his right hand.

Hanging from his upraised left hand is the skin of a great lion he has killed and which he is brandishing in the face of Taurus, the Bull, who is charging down upon him.

All of our stories are very different. The situations range from absolute tyranny in Cuba to the American fight against apathy and degeneracy that are the hallmark of affluent and cosmopolitan societies vulnerable to leftist subversion. We range from Tibetans to sons of the Confederacy, who defend their heritage against global cultural genocide.

Our lives, our legends, and cultures are as varied as the legends surrounding Orion, but look up in the sky my brothers and sisters. We carry the same sword of liberty and justice, and we all face the bull together. We will remain as long as the stars that bear our image, for the flame of freedom will always burn in the heart of mankind.

We are Orion.

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