Tough Love For Libertarians – Trump

This is the first of a new series of articles in which I will challenge the reader to step outside of conventional narratives.

Justin Raimondo is the Editorial Director at I consider him one of the most important voices we have, and is among very few in the liberty movement who see things as they are and the potentials for us to make gains, rather than insist on contantly engaging in masturbatory virtue signalling, to the detriment of all we hold dear.

The LP can be counted on for a good 2-3% in the voting booth. That is because you are smarter than 98% of people, and thus cannot relate to the masses.

Most Libertarians live in a bubble of philosophy and calculus level ethics equations that are used to arrive at their conclusions.

In some cases variables are left out of the equation, like the staggering fiscal cost of illegal immigration that dramatically increases the taxes we call theft, or how hypocritical and ridiculous you sound talking about indirect benefit in that case while being militant Austrian economists everywhere else.

Without even realizing it, many of you process large portions of your information using “Critical Theory“, despite having no knowledge of its origin.

Being ardent individualists, you do not comprehend the scope of what a group of militant collectivists can do to change the consciousness of the masses, a century after the beginning of ths “Long March Through The Institutions“.

Critical theory is designed to attack and destroy a prevailing order, and is counterproductive to our cause. Think of those among us chiefly concerned with calling everyone a “Nazi”, as opposed to someone building affiliates and working on campaigns.

We need to start approaching whatever political situation is current with the attitude of “how can I move our piece down the game board”, not become part of the shrill chorus against the prevailing winds.

Understanding the fact that policy means nothing and people view politics as “Us vs. Them”, in the manner of team sports, we continually align ourselves as opposition to the winds blowing through the body politic, marginilizing ourselves.

What we should be doing is avoiding confrontation where we have no control to change it. Bore in, build trust and good will, and plant seeds.

I have recently been taking a new view of Trump as I incorporate the growing base of knowledge from the research myself and others are doing in psychology.

Politics is a team sport, and the anti-Trump team is the enemy in all our efforts. To effect change we need to make inroads with more than just 3% of America. Since discovering the relation between personal and political identity, I see clearly that the behavior of many Libertarians makes it nearly impossible for them to give us credibility.

Further research made it even more apparrent, as I discovered a positive personal exposure to a group member is among the most powerful tools to effect a change. Calling them statist or insulting something they value tranalates into “screw you and your mother.”

Now I approach Trump fans and explain – “One man cannot fix it in 2 terms, the sequel to “Make America Great Again” needs to be “Make America Free Again”, and we have a few years left, so help us get ready before we have another commie like Obama in there”.

It is 100% more effective at fostering a view that we are on the same team, which means they will listen to us.

I will vote for our candidate in 2020, and hope we have the sense to pick a better one this time, because we are so close to 5% which begins the long term solution.

Until then we need to put dismantling of globalism first by harnessing the tremendous power of “America First” in stopping global perpetual wars, benefitting only the bankers who seek to enslave us.

The best case scenario, the most plausible path to victory, was laid out for us by Murray Rothbard, and rather than harness the currents around us

Raimondo and Rothbard>, Libertarians who don’t think the Frankfurt School was real, even though Hoppe was a graduate.

Shake the dust out of your mind. What we have been doing is not working, try new angles.

Watch this, learn, grow.

2 thoughts on “Tough Love For Libertarians – Trump

  1. Mr. Ramsey, I can not understand your comment about , “…policy means nothing..” Last I checked, out comes are what matter, and the power of each office culminates with a government action, usually through a council’s vote on a project, initiative or complex plan and budgets – AKA POLICY.
    True, ballot booth votes matter too, and influencing activists in our local community does matter – yes. Building alliances does matter, but building a systematic process to instill sheer fear into the hearts and minds of politicians, should remain our goal, so that these same politicians act as we would if we where in that same office.
    In the absence of you or a libertarian in that office, I would want those votes to then be on the side of libertarians. What party those politicians are in, very few people care. Policy outcomes, everyone cares.


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