Post Election Statement By Joshua Smith

Libertarians may be as easily duped by lying politicians, shady lawyers, and used car salesmen as the rest of America. Commissar Sarwark is all 3, but the setback is only temporary.

8 months ago I had an idea:

I imagined a relatively unknown candidate with innovative ideas regarding moving our party forward could come in and speak to constituents in a manner which would inspire others. I wasn’t content with the direction (status quo) of the LP, and MANY more of us were also uninspired; many remain so.
If you had told me 8 months ago that we would take almost a quarter of the vote from the most popular chair our party has ever seen, I would have doubted you, but we did just that.

Today, I lost the election, but we didn’t really lose the battle.

This doesn’t end today. If you were thinking about joining the party if I won, please, for me, still do.

If you were thinking about leaving the party if I lost, please, for me, stay.

This is just the beggining of a more succesful era for our ideology and party. These ideas I brought, the coalitions we have built, and the work we have done is still there. It speaks for itself. I threw my hat in for at large, and tomorrow we have the opportunity to carry on with our fight. Don’t leave. Help me build what we started working towards just a few short months ago.

Nicholas J. Sarwark bested me this weekend, but our ideas still stand, and we can accomplish them no matter what capacity I have on the board.

Thank you to all of you who spent hours working with me on this campaign. I will forever call you friend. Thank you to those who voted for me, gave me encouraging words, or said they would support me for any other position. I appreciate you all!

This time next year, we will be far more succesful. I promise that.



-Joshua Smith

July 3rd, 2018

2 thoughts on “Post Election Statement By Joshua Smith

  1. Josh you know I think the world of you. Had you one I probably would have joined the party because there would have a been a place for me because you would have listened to my ideas. Unlike you who would have been a leader for the party, the party ended up continuing the same status quo we have had with the ruler they have had for the last 4 year and for the next two. He has clearly shown he doesn’t care about ideas that may help. He doesn’t care about the states. He doesn’t care about elections. Well unless they are Presidential elections and he can ensure we get someone who isn’t libertarian.


    1. Horace, Josh won 25% of the vote against a 2 term Chair who is a slick lawyer/used car salesman, and was elected as an At-Large Rep to the LNC. Arvin was decimated and the bad reps tossed.

      It is not the stayus quo and uou have a h9ne with us my brother.

      Please consider the big picture.


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