Response to Luke Henderson of “Being Libertarian”

It is one thing to be in error, but another to suppress clarification.

Seeking to offer benefit of the doubt, I posted some clarifications in the comment section of THIS ARTICLE regarding the LNC Chair race.

I had even shared it because I was quoted in it, and decided to give the author, Luke Henderson, benefit of the doubt. It seemed somewhat objective.

I figured my comments would be seen by readers, so no harm no foul.

My comment has since been erased, casting doubt on Mr. Henderson’s motives and credibility. Thus, I will re-post my response here, and share it around for the record.

While you did not sink to the level of some here, there are quite a few things that need clarification.

In the future if you would like to write about the American Guard, I would appreciate getting in touch with our National Press Secretary, who happens to be mixed Native American/Latino.

It sucks to have to mention that, or the fact a gay black man is NC President, or the ethnicity, sexual preference, and gender rest of our diverse members and officers. Identity politics seem to be an exclusively leftist thing these days.

I am the Florida Vice-President of the American Guard. Our state Sgt. At Arms is Asian, the state Presidents last name is Perez. We are pretty bad at being Nazis.

I have seen worse hit jobs, and I will give you benefit of the doubt Mr. Henderson, despite extreme cherry picking in your description of the AG.

I will note a couple items from our founding documents:

We emphasize a particular focus on restoring and strengthening the Bill of Rights.

We believe that any interpretation of the Constitution should favor the states’ rights over the federal government, and the individuals’ rights over the state, so long as there is no tangible and demonstrable harm against another citizen.

3. We believe in the Libertarian principle that a free citizen should be able to do whatever they like as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

Discipline and the law were created within societies to secure freedom, not to hinder it.

Your person and your property should be protected by the law. Not your feelings. Not your preferences. Not your beliefs. The best way to receive liberty is to give it.

4. We believe that the most promising path to restoring America to a strong, functional, and free society is to spread these principles and promote them to every citizen of the United States.

We do this without regard to race, religion, culture, or previous political affiliation.

I am one of several members who were on the far right in the past, but have been involved in the liberty movement a decade, helping found one of the most successful grass roots gun rights organizations in the US before coming to the LP to see through a body camera bill in the name of a gay kid murdered by police over half a joint.

I came to a 9 county region with zero Libertarian activity. I have been elected unanimously 3 times by left, right, anarchist, and minarchist libertarians to the state executive committee.

I founded four diverse and thriving affiliates, have multiple Libertarians serving in office, and lead the state in candidates for the November election.

We also happen to be the national leader in elected Libertarians.

The reason I am constantly smeared is that I am one of the most successful LP organizers in the country. I am part of the tip of the spear we are driving into the state.

The people who smear me are agents of the state, major parties, foreign governments, and leftist NGO’s dedicated to preventing a US rollback of Socialism.

Ihave motioned to create more county affiliates than any region rep in Florida LP history. We originally started before there was an LNC fyi.

I have never motioned anything to advance a faction. I have never made a motion other than to start new affiliates.

Formy trouble I am smeared and insulted all over the place and faced multiple attempts to kick me out by a Sarwark lackey who finally gave up and left the LP, maybe to be re-assigned.

I take it as a badge of honor the enemies of liberty work so hard to stop me, and a point of pride they fail every time.

Josh is a friend based on LP activity. He has never been to an AG event, it is just a group heavy with Libertarians and liberty Conservatives, so naturally he knows some of us, many are active in the LP.

TheSPLCand ADL are the source of every smear of the American Guard, which are based purely on speculation, because some of us in our 40s had pasts as skinheads.

In my case, I began getting assaulted for being a minority white kid for the color if my skin in the third grade.

When I left for the Navy I had freshly healed skull fractures and orbital blowouts. It seemed natural to fight back.

Theexperience was part of my path to libertarianism. I wasn’t a white guy oppressing minorities. I was a minority in Los Angeles, and did things under duress that did not make me a bad person, teaching me empathy and an appreciation for protecting civil rights.

These SPLC and ADL are as disingenuous as those smearing Josh Smith. The FBI stopped using them years ago.

If you want to do respectable journalism I would avoid future citations of them. They are somewhere between a fatwah issued by a mid-east terror group and Alex Jones as far as credibility.

This recent attempt to set up a wikipedia slander page about the AG illustrates how far these groups go to smear people. We traced the wikipedia editors involved to people associated with Sarwark.

The American Guard is in direct opposition to the National Socialiat crowd, and serve an important function diverting people away from the alt-right buffoonery.

For clarity Augustus Invictus was a former friend and member. He was told not to do that Charlottesville crap. When he did, I whipped a vote within 48 hours to remove him.

It was a unanimous  vote by every state chapter in the US. I was the national spokesman at the time and authored this statement, also approved unanimously. Does this look like white power to you?

We are approaching 30 states with full sets of officers. We had 25 on our 1 year anniversary. Imagine how dangerous I look to a Marxist.

If they don’t stop me I may start reducing government, and if they send their ANTIFA thugs to stop me with force, the AG will pound them into the pavement. Had we not founded the American Guard you would be dealing with modern brownshirts soon.

Augustus is a little bitch who has no strength of his convictions and got seduced by a group of people who want to cleanse his own Puerto Rican children from the land of their birth.

He needs the LP to fail so he can have some sort of vindication, so he purposefully tried to get back at Josh and I by sabotaging the election. As long as we are a bunch of dildo waving commies he can feel like he did the right thing.

I am now working with researchers developing de-radicalization programs to steer people away from the alt-right, which is mostly feds pulling the strings anyways. Not with hacks like the ADL and SPLC but top names in the field.

It led to founding my own research project applying our discoveries to crafting outreach models for the LP.

Oneof the most powerful methods of changing views is personal interaction with a person of the group the individual is bigoted towards.

WhatJosh does by making friends of all stripes in order to influence them is inspirational, not something to attack him for. I wrote about this element recently:

The Science of Political Success – The Power of Positive Exposure

According to the science, every decision Sarwark makes is 100% opposite of what works, telling me he is here on behalf of the enemies of liberty as controlled opposition.

Nobody can be that bad. Hopefully he loses.
Feel free to reach out at for further discussion or inquiry.



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