Toxic Matriarchy of the Sarwark Administration

A recent incident showcases the toxic Matriarchy fostered by Commissar Sarwark’s regime.

There have been many allegations of impropriety thrown around during the chair race. Most directed at Joshua Smith by supporters of Commissar Nick Sarwark.

Disrespecting women this, alleged inappropriate laughter at inappropriate comment that. Even the disgruntled ex card was pulled.

The cadre of assassins attacking his character are nearly all female, or the classic “testosterone challenged” beta male.

This means any defense he makes can be spun into some sexist issue. Women and the little effeminate bitches with “Stick With Nick” on their profile pic are all that matters in the gulag of toxic matriarchy cultured by Nick Sarwark.

I recently came clean about my own incident. Not one of Smith’s attackers defended me. Why? Because I am a male and we do not matter. In fact, there were multiple laugh reacts. No condemnation from these pathetic SJW hypocrites whatsoever!

This is the crass culture fostered by the man who brought us Bill Weld and Hillary Clinton endorsements.

Where do you think he learned it from? The black widow who killed Vince Foster. I bet 100 bucks her and Commissar Sarwark talk about man hating and child rape techniques in those missing emails.

I have done some serious reflecting. I would rather be plied with booze and have my butthole touched than live in the SJW hell created by Commissar Sarwark. They don’t care about anyone male, at least Smith thinks I’m hot.

I am voting against the forces of toxic matriarchy and political correctness Nazis. I am voting Josh Smith anyways.

He only touched my butthole once. Commissar Sarwark will rape lady liberty daily for two more years if he wins. We will be subjected to his army of uptight SJW Nazis poring over every facebook comment to take it out of context for 24 months.

We will see our hopes die as he and his lackeys attack every remotely sympathetic person or group in the media, keeping us irrelevant.

We will have to suffer Bill Weld as our nominee, flying with Hillary and Sarwark to Epstein’s pedophile island for parties.

It has come down to this. I, as a straight man, would rather have my butthole inappropriately touched than see another Sarwark administration.

Vote Smith.

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