The LNC Chair Race, Simplified.

The electorate loves anti-establishment candidates. If we want them to love our anti-establishment party, we should not elect the ultimate symbol of dishonesty and business as usual to the LNC Chair.

There are a few necessary evils in life, and the legal profession is considered by many to be one.

Unscrupulous injury lawyers drive up health care costs and insurance rates.

The government’s prosecutorial legions have put millions of citizens in cages for crimes with no victim. From their ranks comes every judge who has ever upheld a law that rapes the Constitution, along with the natural rights it enumerates.

It also is the preferred occupation of corrupt politicians. Lawyers have always been distrusted, and their excessive influence in the political sphere seen as subversive.

After the invention of the automobile, the used car salesman earned the reputation as shady, and became a pop culture caricature.

In 1964 the New York times ran an article titled “Are There Too Many Lawyers in Congress?”. Here is a quote from it:

Of the 535 members of the 88th Congress, no less than 315 are lawyers. Sixty‐six of the 100 Senators have had legal training, as have 57 per cent, or 249, of those in the House.

Almost 50 years later, the Washington Post was lamenting the continued undue influence of lawyers.

The 113th Congress is in session. But, who are they?

Lawyers, mostly.

Gallup polled Americans in 2013.

Used car salesmen were trusted even less than Congress.

Take heart, Congress. There’s one profession that Americans trust even less than you.

That would be car salesman, who garner the confidence of only 8 percent of Americans and ranked lower than any other profession included in a new Gallup poll. Congressmen did just a bit better, coming in second to last and winning the confidence of 10 percent of Americans.

It is a global perception. In Australia car salesmen have held the title of least trusted profession for over 30 years.

One of the best headlines I saw researching this piece captures the point I am making perfectly.

Car salesmen are the least trusted workers in Australia, but bank managers are quickly catching up as their ratings plummet towards an all-time low.

If I was an officer in whatever state agency, major party, foreign government, or Neo-Marxist NGO assigned to subvert the Libertarian Party, Nick Sarwark would be my unicorn.

Following the Wiki-Leaks that showed Comissar Sarwark’s relationship with intelligence firm Stratfor, known for developing subversion operations against political groups like Greenpeace, he gave a story that was so preposterous many more were convinced.

A Florida Libertarian reached out, in an effort to get the Salesman of used cars and Neo-Marxism to let his brother come on a show and clear it up.

Sarwark refused to clear it up by having his brother corroberate, and by doing so made me believe even more he had something to hide.

If that info, or his laser precision at alienating every possible ally and liberty figure in the US do not make it obvious that LNC Chair Commissar Sarwark is classic “Controlled Opposition”, so be it. That fits in my 80/20 rule. We can still be friends. You should still be able to see the negative aspect. We have to convince the electorate, not each other.

In New Orleans though, it will be us voting, not the board of the hostile collectivist entities that cheer Sarwark on, even if they are not paying him.

We need our lawyers to run for Attorney General and help write legislation. The electorate is in anti-establishment mode.

Had Sarwark and his ilk not pushed Bill Weld on us with Johnson we would have had our breathrough.

Sarwark brought us two washed up former Republican officials instead, one a yankee who passed gun control, and one who failed geography before finding weed late in life and overimbibing live on the air.

“That is a winning formula to divert mass anti-establishment populist currents into big wins for the LP”

– Said no Political Scientist EVER.

Instead we got 3%, and are stuck with a South park episode on TV news. Today ClinTrump made a new branch of the military. “Space Force”, so we can dominate space.

I would warn you all. If Sarwark’s handlers think he may lose control, they may resort to scorched earth. Be on the lookout for him to give public speech opposing motions condemning child sex, or his allies making wild statements decrying age of consent laws, calling vets murderers, etc.

These are common tactics. They marginalize the group long enough to regain control before they get too big.

In contrast, Americans love blue collar politicians and underdogs. A Guardian piece on the rise of Trump sums up the current situation.

But what makes Trump the ace is that he has successfully captured the anger of average people who see themselves on the receiving end of a “rigged” system, to use the cliche of the year. He has turned the tables of class grievance on the Democratic party, the traditional organisation of the American left. How did this happen?

The LP should be taking that ball and running with it. Rothbard agreed. Rather than apply common sense and political science to our plan of action, Commissar Sarwark openly reviles the idea of the LP building a broad coalition and riding a wave of Libertarian Populism to victory.

A blue collar chair speaking to the people is EXACTLY what the LP needs against the major parties douchebag lawyers. Having our own douchebag lawyer Chair is a signal of “business as usual”.

When voters find out he is a used car salesman too, the voters roll their eyes and laugh.

Meanwhile one of the most beloved political films in American history is about a regular guy who becomes a political leader.

It is titled: “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”

Choose the winning formula in NOLA, send Mr. Smith to the LNC Chair.

2 thoughts on “The LNC Chair Race, Simplified.

  1. Politics is the art of redistributing the wealth from those it rightfully belongs to and giving it to those it doesn’t. No one is going to hire a libertarian (vote or contribute) if they are unwilling to do this. This is the foundation of government, without which the free market becomes almost magical. As a former LP candidate in 1992 for the State Hosue here in Florida, gaining over 7,600 votes, I was able to think about what it would have been like if elected. Ron Paul sponsored some 600 plus Bills and only got a few insignificant ones passed. This should have taught us that a libertarian candidates career will always be either short or lonely. As Milton Friedman pointed out in his book Free To Choose, the American Socialist Party was able to get all of it’s 1928 and 1932 platforms enacted into law without any of them being elected. Of course, they had the super wealthy zionists behind their propaganda machine, whereas our propaganda machine is weak and fragmented.


    1. The solution is to build from the ground up, taking back local government, then county, then state, federal last.

      We call it “Operation First Step” in Florida, and it is so successful that it is being copied nationwide.

      Florida added as many Libertarian voters in ’17 as all of 2012-2016, in a post Presidential race year.

      We now lead the US in elected Libertarians.

      It is working.

      Essentially Murray Rothbard’s vision of a right wing populist Libertarian uprising is happening as we speak.


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