Uncivil Rights – White Unity?

The battle today is the same that has always existed since the dawn of written history in Europe. Freedom against tyranny.


The Globalists are not singling out the white race for destruction. The white race just happens to be one of the smallest, so it will be one of the first to go extinct. The plan is to destroy ALL races, and rob the planet of all vestiges of culture, religion, tradition, heritage, tribe, and any other distinguishing feature that would compel individuals to form voluntary associations based on these distinguishing characteristics.

These associations foment regulation of behavior by the self, rather than the state, and result in formations of nations by consent. The resulting Nationalism results in a world extremely difficult to govern under a one-world neo-Marxist debt slavery scheme, which is what our true enemy, the enemy of all races, aims to impose.

This Nationalism creates a diverse world where each race and culture, and subgroup within them, is free to prosper or fail in the free market. This free market is the expression of natural law in politics and economics. It is the evolution of “might makes right”, a market based on merit, that expresses the highest evolution of west, representing the next level of enlightenment.

The Globalist assault on the west has led to a kneejerk backlash of White Nationalism, but this actually plays into the hands of the Marxists. Before the racialist reading this gets angry, allow me to explain, as I know exactly where you are coming from, I just have grown into another level of understanding.

What do you think the USSR, the UN, NATO, and the EU were? Attempts at white unity, and each one had a horrible effect on white people and their countries. Many continue to plague us to this day. We are individualist by nature. We will always fight when you try to collectivize us. So stop it. Want “no more brother wars”? Stop identifying as the simplistic “white”, which cheapens your rich heritage. I am  Nordic by race, with Scottish heritage, and am an American Constitutionalist by nation. “White” does not honor my ancestry and heritage enough at all.

This is the fundamental disconnect between White Nationalists and Civic Nationalists such as myself. I will attempt to explain it as simply as possible. I do not think they have stopped to consider that the most glorious elements in the history of white people are the conquering of other white people who would enslave or control us. Thermopylae was a rarity. Usually, we fought white tyrants, and for very good reasons.

I am a son of the Norsemen. We answered those who would convert us by the sword with raids, first on the Irish monasteries, and then we worked our way south. Our long ships brought death and destruction to the white Roman Catholic scum who tried to force their religion on us. I see a lot of viking imagery among WN’s, stop and consider this for a moment. Those axes cleaved white heads as we went berserk, and they deserved it.

The cosmopolitan Rome, that old imperialist empire, much resembled the degeneracy of our current politicians and their modern capitals. The heroes who brought them judgement were the heathens, (AKA – Traditionalists), the Vandals, Gauls, Ostrogoths, Visigoths, and Normans. They were also white. They brutally murdered the Roman Senate and slaughtered their soldiers, as well as the city’s inhabitants, and I am proud of them. Emperor Hadrian had to build a wall in fear of freedom loving white guys when he made the mistake of invading the Picts.

When we hear bagpipes, and the hair on the back of our neck stands up as we think of the highlanders in Scotland, riding into legend to wipe out the tyrannical English Monarch- what are we honoring? We honor white people destroying an element from within themselves that would force a collectivism on their neighbors. Killing English kings who thought God gave them a right to our land and women. Hail William Wallace!

What about the Revolutionary war? Do we not have, yet again, the white American colonists, led by George Washington, vs. the white British, and (white) Hessian mercenaries? What was that monument the Charlottesville protesters marched in circles around celebrating? One group of white people (Confederates) rejecting the control of another group of white people (Yankees) over them, and risking their lives to form a new nation by consent, free of their influence and forced association. I see a lot of Confederate flags for a group that says “No more brother wars”.

There seems to be an agreement between civic and ethnic Nationalists that Communism is bad, and among WN’s, there is a lot of romanticizing of the struggle on the Eastern Front against the Red Army in WW2. Are Russians white? David Duke sure seems to think so. Why are you celebrating brother war? I think Simo Häyhä, the “White Death” of the Winter War, is a hero. He killed over 500 white Communists, and I think it’s pretty awesome.


                                                              Hail the White Death

What about today, have you ever fought ANTIFA? Most of them are white. Hillary is white. Nancy Pelosi is white. The vast majority of Marxists in DC are white. Considering most of Europe, even the white ones, are Socialists/Marxists, and a good chunk of white America is also Socialist/Marxist, I think we are in the same position as our ancestors before us were. If we accept the ethnocentrist view for the sake of argument, then we, a group of white people who want to be free, have among us a competing group of white people who want to control us. In our generation it is not attempts to force us into serfdom to serve their Monarchy, but to force us into some form of Marxism. The enemy is a bunch of white assholes, as usual. (There was a half black guy for a second, but he hit term limits.)

To collectivize and “unify the white race” is a recipe for disaster. What we need to do is retain our identity as Scottish, German, British, French, Scandanavian, American, etc. We need to maintain the diversity of our race as distinct and separate ethnic and National groups. We need to foster a cultural folkish revival that must exist OUTSIDE of the political world. It will be very different for Dutch, Italian, Scandanavian, Anglo-Saxon, Slavic, etc. We must not water it down and eliminate it into some new-age notion of “whiteness”, for that helps the Globalists make us all the same and wipe us out. Your ancestors would curse you for this if they were alive today.

Politically, I’m sorry Germany elected Merkel and is being overrun. That is a problem for Germans to deal with. Don’t get me wrong- I wish them luck, but it is not my problem. Right now my own country is in shambles, and looking at the situation, I have 2 choices.

1) I can rally with leftist whites under the banner of race, and even if I win I am now in slavery to a collectivist system, or still face a fight with the leftist parasites among us. I can create an ethnic enclave with the worst my race has ever produced, and spiral downward.

2) I can join with all people who share the American identity, and will rally around the Bill of Rights. Black, Latino, and Asian Americans who will fight the left at our side in the broad culture, and within their own ethnic enclaves in the large parts of the country that still self segregate.


Keep the situation in perspective

All of the factors endangering your race are political. Immigration is an issue because of the drug war destabilizing countries to the south, and the welfare state distorting the market. The interventionist foreign policy is why we have a refugee problem. Unite under the banner of Nation and culture, solve the political issues, and you “save your race”. There is vast amounts of unpopulated land full of resources for you to create a voluntary ethnic enclave in if we can destroy Marxism and restore the Libertarian Republic that made America great.

White unity has never existed, and it never will. As you saw the divisions erupt as soon as the latest naive person who thought they could “Unite the Right”, so it always has been, and always will be. It is a GOOD thing and we should pray it never ends. Why do you think skinhead crews, MC’s, and Alt-Right groups always have conflict? For the same reason we Scot’s have little use for the English. Because we all need worthy rivals. We will make them up if we eliminate our ancestral rivalries.

What would the NFL be if all the teams shed their uniforms to play on the same team? Would football as a sport continue to advance without competition? Enmity between the Germans and French was a driving force in history, and when they began to lay that aside – both were cursed with the European Union. It is okay to be different, and separate, (and white). In fact, this individualism and competition that seeks to carve out a place as different, is a hallmark of our people.

Once you understand this, you can move beyond adversarial relations with other races and embrace Constitutional Nationalism. Viking burial mounds are full of Muslim coins, but without corrupt political leaders who would needlessly attack the Islamic world, and allow destructive migration, they did not have issues with the middle east. Just as the vikings profited and helped increase their strength by trading with other races, so can you.

Just as Robert E. Lee was able to gain military advantage over his enemies fighting alongside black men like Holt Collier, you can gain advantage in the fight against Communism today by uniting with black patriots. When you examine the reasons that the Confederacy made alliances with Indian tribes like the Cherokee, you will find it was shared political vision. Doing so protected both cultures and races, whereas maintaining a division in the circumstance would have harmed both.

My circle of loyalty holds nation above race because that is what affects my property rights and economic future in the short term, and represents the embodiment of the greatest advancements of western culture thus far. It is the foundation to continue to advance all the great hallmarks of the west in the future. I don’t give a damn if the cucks who voted for Angela Merkel or Hillary Clinton go extinct, in fact I pray for it. If race does matter, that culling makes it stronger. Who you date or worship with will always be a personal choice and no political system is going to change that.

In light of these facts, I am going to work with people of any race who will help me destroy the Global Marxists who are perpetrating genocide on all races. I am part of a global uprising against a Socialist and collectivist system of tyranny. I refuse to unite with people who aid that ideology, just because they happen to also be white. If they promote Marxism,  Fascism, National Socialism, (or any other form of Socialism), they are traitors who have forsaken our race and its highest achievements and traditions.

Who cares if the white race survives to inherit a fate of slavery? We will have taken an evolutionary step backwards that will make our skin color irrelevant. We will have surrendered the last millenia of advancement and progress to become as beasts once again. Some really famous white heroes had a saying about that: “Liberty or Death”.



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