Chris Rose is Not American Guard

Chris Rose is not a member of the American Guard, and even if he was, that wouldn’t make him a racist or fascist. It would make him a patriot.

A Communist group in Florida has made a harassment page on Facebook for a local Libertarian Candidate, Chris Rose, and part of their smear campaign is a claim he is a member of the American Guard, insinuating we are some sort of nefarious group.

The confusion seems to be related to his appearance in a couple of group photographs from political campaign events that had various Libertarians, Republicans, as well as American Guard members in them.

As the Florida Vice President of the American Guard, allow me to state that Mr. Rose is not a member, or even a prospect. He was offered prospective membership in 2017 and declined.

Furthermore, to address the accusation that we are somehow a racist group:

This is a blatant falsehood. We are not a violent or racist organization, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, or religion. Florida’s state leadership is multiracial, as are many states across the country.

Our Platform makes this abundantly clear:

 3. We believe in the Libertarian principle that a free citizen should be able to do whatever they like as long as they are not hurting anyone else. Discipline and the law were created within societies to secure freedom, not to hinder it. Your person and your property should be protected by the law. Not your feelings. Not your preferences. Not your beliefs. The best way to receive liberty is to give it.

   4. We believe that the most promising path to restoring America to a strong, functional, and free society is to spread these principles and promote them to every citizen of the United States. We do this without regard to race, religion, culture, or previous political affiliation.


Our position on this issue is so abundantly clear, we removed a Florida officer last year by unanimous vote of Florida’s American Guard leadership, AND unanimous vote of the state presidents from across the country, for associating with racist organizations, and issued the following statement:


For Immediate Release:

The American Guard Revokes The Membership Of Augustus Invictus
Due to the fact Mr. Invictus is a public figure, and has appeared in recruitment videos and other media on behalf of the organization, we are making it known he is no longer is a member. His words and actions no longer represent the ideals we are dedicated to preserving and defending.

His attempts to merge factions with incongruent ideologies like National Socialism, National Bolshevism, and other forms of tyranny based on ethnicity – into the growing right-wing populist movement, under the name “Unite The Right”, is now a discredit to himself only. He will no longer be allowed to discredit our organization, or its membership. We reject his claim that disagreement with Nazis, Socialists, and other totalitarians makes one a coward, “cuck”, or traitor.

The American Guard promotes Constitutional Nationalism, as expressed in The Four Pillars and The Bill of Rights. We see no difference between left-wing or right-wing tyranny. Oil and water do not mix.We will not unite with any group that does not respect the great principles of individual liberty and economic freedom that form the bedrock of this great nation. We offer friendship to all who embrace these sacred ideals.

While we respect freedom of speech, we are under no obligation to suffer poisonous ideas spread in our name. We hereby exercise our freedom of disassociation, and the decision was made in accordance with our bylaws, via unanimous vote of the State Presidents.

The American Guard is dedicated to the restoration of the Bill of Rights for ALL Americans, of all races, classes, and lifestyles. The SPLC and other groups who have attempted to claim we are racist are the hate groups, and lying profiteers. The video and links below will explain. If anyone is not a coward who would be bullied by the Marxist hate groups, we are recruiting across the united states. Read the Four Pillars, and if you agree with them, contact your local chapter to join the fight for liberty and the inalienable rights of ALL Americans.


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