Poisoning the Red Pill

A fellow Heathen’s Instagram post stirred some thoughts on global cultural genocide, and the leftist quest to poison the red pill.


our roots connect us

One of the most toxic consequences of rampant Cultural Marxism is the idea that the very healthy and positive connection we have with others who share the same heritage and traditions is some sort of dog-whistle for racism.

When I meet a person wearing a hammer, I get excited to meet someone who shares a special cultural connection. I always have a great conversation. I never think, “cool we can beat up a minority together”. It is not much different than experiences I’ve had travelling abroad and meeting an American at the bar in some foreign land.

I oppose white genocide, but I don’t usually use the term because it only tells part of the story. What we face is a total global genocide. Their program of racial hygiene is to eliminate all races, and even erase the concept of race. In doing so, the Marxists can eliminate everything that makes us different, so we can be easily controlled. The white liberals behind the scheme would love it if you hated black and brown people so much you did not notice what they were up to. That is the poison they are trying to slip in the red pill.

The leftists want to eliminate ALL cultures and make us ALL slaves without a heritage. If they convince you to devote your mind to hating other races, you just became an accomplice of theirs, so reject the narrative they want to feed you. They aren’t promoting multi-culturalism, that is what I am doing by continuing to keep alive the ways of my ancestors. The left just used the word to cover their true intentions, in the same manner the “swamp monsters” called the law that lets them rape our civil liberties “The Patriot Act”.

What those who incessantly scream “diversity” really have in mind is a planetary cultural genocide. They are mono-cultural fanatics, and their culture is a sterile mass of equally enslaved people without any religion or heritage, bowing at the altar of a new God, the red beast. They are smart enough to know that if we embrace the lessons of our forefathers, and live for a higher purpose, we have no need for the state.

Thus, I support movements all over the globe where any people face losing their heritage to the onslaught of the Globalist financiers and the neo-Marxist oligarchs that serve them. I have made friends with people fighting this beast in Cuba, Venezuela, Japan, Argentina, Chile, all across Europe, and Africa, and interview them live, then watch as they begin to network and support each other.

To crush global Marxism we need a global resistance. Don’t be tricked into thinking that¬† honoring your ancestors requires dishonoring others. The Chinese Marxists are wiping out Tibetan culture, and suppressing Cantonese at the same time Marxists in the United States are destroying Confederate monuments. Before the Confederate flag was torn down, the Senyera was banned in Catalonia by Spain. Whether in Quebec, Japan, or Dixie, the left goes to great lengths to label those who wish to celebrate their heritage as racists. They do this in order to neutralize opposition, think about that for a minute.

If you frame the struggle as one race against another, you just provided cover for the people actually working to exterminate you. Don’t become an accomplice by taking the leftist bait and playing their divide and conquer game.

I truly believe that Global Dissident Voices strikes fear in the enemy like nothing else I have ever done. They completely eliminated my ability to use Facebook where I was streaming live to huge audiences. They are desperate to stop me from connecting the planet’s pro-liberty, and anti-Marxist activists.

They will not win, I resume broadcasting soon on a new platform. The fight goes on.


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