The American Guard Presents – John Camden With Guest Ryan Ramsey, True American Nationalism and Alt-Right Buffoonery

Richard Spencer’s promotion of child pornography in a recent interview sparks a discussion on the use of the “Alt-Right” to undermine the growing right-wing populist movement in the US, and discussion the true defining characteristics of American culture.

This is a segment of a longer broadcast featuring multiple American Guardsmen and right wing activists from across the country, the full version will be uploaded separately.




The founder and leader of the Alt-right, Richard Spencer, recently promoted child pornography in the media, adding a new outrage to previous promotion of “International Socialism”, “Universal Health Care”, and other left wing staples.

John invited Ryan on to discuss how Spencer and the Alt-right arose to subvert the growing right wing populist movement based Constitutional Nationalism, by trying to tie it with racism, left wing ideology, and now pedophilia and child pornography.

The two American Guardsmen segway into discussing issues such as foreign policy, immigration, Nationalism’s birth and the American expression of it as a non-racial institution, but based on ideology. Also discussed were the ANTIFA and the numerous cultural and historical fallacies promoted by Spencer and his fellow agent provocateurs, and others sent to undermine true patriots.

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