Response to LNC Rep. “Starchild’s” Email Regarding Florida Candidate, and How to Save the World From Tyranny

An LNC Representative from California recently started a public email thread criticizing a Florida Candidate that perfectly illustrates the reason the Libertarian Party fails despite espousing the beliefs of a huge portion of the electorate. I took the opportunity to respond, and offer the simple solutions that can allow the Libertarian Party to take its rightful place as a major contender in American politics. This was sent to every member of the LNC.



Thoughts on the LNC Email thread regarding Alison Foxall Immigration Comments, how it illustrates our general electoral failure, and proposed solutions

From: <>
I read an email exchange today at the LNC that needs to be immediately addressed, and perfectly illustrates the root issues behind our lack of serious growth. It can be found here for reference: was titled  “I hope this article is wrong and our candidate didn’t say this.”

Representative Starchild also accused Alison Foxall, an LPF At-Large Director and candidate for Florida House of Representatives, of taking “actual anti-libertarian positions”

“Hopefully we are not too preoccupied with policing intemperate posts on Facebook to be concerned if a Libertarian candidate is taking actual anti-libertarian positions at a public campaign event covered by the media.”

The comment in question was in response to a Florida House bill that would impose punitive financial sanctions on sanctuary cities in the state. The supposed “Actual Anti-Libertarian Position” was related to sanctions on sanctuary cities being hot button issue, and quoted as:

“I don’t understand why,” Foxall said in arguing that undocumented
immigrants present potential health and public safety problems.

I was quite surprised to find out that Rep. Starchild hopes our candidates did not insert a portion of a platform plank, almost verbatim, into a media outlet. I am puzzled how Rep. Starchild can conceptualize a current LP Platform plank as being an “actual anti-Libertarian position”.

2016 Platform, Plank 3.4, found here, has an “actual sentence” at the end that is conveniently ignored by many in the part, most notably the Chair, who tells the media that the US Border is an invisible line.

“However, we support control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property.”

Even if it was not something expressly in the Platform, there is no issue I can imagine more capable of destroying the LP overnight than the casting of it as champions of legalizing child molestation. I shared concerns relating to a child sex trafficking/child porn ring within the party recently with Starchild that I had been asked to help uncover and remove, as I volunteer with an organization dedicated to protecting and assisting victims of child sex abuse and their families. I hope we are not trying to divert attention from a real problem because we like the guy or other motives that can only be too dark to mention.
I think the best thing for me to do in this situation is to find a constructive use, and treat this as an opportunity to explain the sanctuary city issue and the “Actual Libertarian” principle she is espousing, as well as offer an idea that we discussed last year that was acceptable to both the classical liberal/minarchists and anarchists in our state party when a platform item related to immigration was being discussed. It is all tied to the main reason we get 1% election returns, so perhaps looked at in miniature it can bring a larger understanding.

Have you ever heard the slogan “Taxation is Theft” Caryn Ann Harlos? If so you do not even need to ask Alison for input.
In Colorado, the 2016 SCAAP report by the state Department of Corrections revealed that state prison system was holding 2,039 criminal aliens at a cost of $37,958 per inmate. That is a total cost of $77,396,362. The federal reimbursement grant was $2,077, 720. That is a grant of 2.7 cents for every dollar of actual cost. Those 2,039 criminal alien inmates were 14% of all state prison inmates: One in every seven felons in the state prison system is a criminal illegal alien.

What are the comparable numbers for your state? You can discover the SCAAP grant amounts for each state prison system and the local county jails applying for federal reimbursement at this website.

When a party claims to be for Liberty while imposing 750 billion dollars worth of extortion on our neighbors, it pretty much neutralizes anything else we have to say in the minds of rational people. The costs go even beyond the $116 billion dollar difference between the taxes they pay, and government services they and their children consume.

If you look at the breakdown of the costs, the states are paying nearly twice the amount that the federal government is, and this is the reason the state of Florida, which bears a larger burden than the average state, is cracking down. When a city in Florida becomes a sanctuary city, they are encouraging more people to use government force to steal from Floridians in other cities. I can think of nothing more anti-libertarian than that.

Open border zealots love to find convoluted ways to claim illegal immigration benefits the economy and talk about taxes they pay, while ignoring the vastly larger amount in services they consume. They try to discredit data or offset it with other data from organizations funded by the corrupt businessmen and politicians who profit off the exploitation of illegal labor. The fact of the matter is we are so deep into Socialism in the US 60% of our own citizens are receiving more than they pay in taxes, and for you to assert millions of poor illegal immigrants come here and do not is a lie that is obvious to anyone with common sense.

Since Rep. Starchild wants to distract us from condemning pedophilia and child pornography to promote using state force to confiscate our neighbor’s propertry and disburse it to illegal foreign migrants, I should point out that the same smuggling networks that serve the corrupt businesses that exploit these migrants are also used to smuggle children kidnapped or sold into human trafficking for sex, or the even darker trade of organs, where they are murdered and their organs sold to rich people who cannot get transplants for various reasons, like drug and alcohol abuse histories or living in countries with single payer health care programs that do not allow them to contract for their own care.

If the United States does not get control of these costs, this type of system is going to come here, and our medical decisions will be made at budget hearings by state bureaucrats.

This email is the perfect microcosm to illustrate the fundamental issue behind our continued minor party status and lack of political power, despite roughly 30% of the electorate holding libertarian views.

The issue is that we often act like a philosophy debate club rather than view every move through the lens of political science.

We are a political party. Our function is not to shout our principles in the most pompus and arrogant manner possible from the rooftops. We do not exist to find new ways to label everyone a statist, racist, xenophobe, and virtue spiral ourselves into obscurity.

We exist to elect libertarian candidates and influence legislatures at all levels to adopt libertarian policies.Thus, we should confine our activities and make every decision to this end, that of finding ways to advance libertarian ideals among the electorate for the purpose of growing our vote totals in candidate elections and passing bills in various legislatures.


Do you know how many great products or business ideas fail because of poor manufacturing or marketing? Have you ever noticed prophets are rarely accepted in their own day? Being right did not keep Galileo from the inquisition. We cannot afford to be burned at the stake so some future generation can make a statue of us. People are dying in unjust illegal wars and rotting away in prison cells. They are robbing the next generation of Americans before they are even born.

Being correct will not bring us political power, or we would already be in political power.

No offense guys, but a male escort, (in silver bootie shorts at the national convention the last time I saw him), a snarky Cultural Marxist used-car salesman in Arizona, a pedophile apologist in Maryland, and a middle aged woman with pink hair….. calling the bulk of the population xenophes for decrying their income being confiscated and distributed to illegal immigrants by the state ….because “taxation is theft”….has exactly zero chance of electing anyone, changing any policy in any legislature, or advancing our ideals among the electorate.
Hopefully many of these problems will be resolved in June.

I never criticize without proposing solutions.

On immigration, I will share an anectdote. We had a proposed platform item here that caused controversy between the Anarchist and Minarchist members. I was able to broker something acceptable to both factions. We should promote the idea the state of Florida should not bear any cost or provide any enforcement in regards to the failure of federal immigration policy. I did not treat my fellow party members as if their opinion did not matter, but thought of a way to reconcile the to grievances into something e could agree upon and implement.

We came up with this: Rather than saying “Florida is a Sanctuary State” and sounding like we want more financial extortion and political corruption, we say “Immigration is a federal responsibility they have utterly failed, and the people of Florida will no longer subsidize their refusal to deal with the problem”.

We let the right wing know that we agree they should not be taxed and their competition should not be able to undercut them by providing substandard working conditions and avoiding workers compensation insurance payments. That leads into explaining that socialization of medicine incurred costs on the state they pushed back on the businesses with workers comp laws, and how if we eliminate the state from ownership of our medical care, we could solve both problems. They also really hate Obamacare, they are receptive to this angle. They will start to wonder why none of their Republican candidates ever said this.

We let the left know that we are NOT xenophobes and want good people to come here and contribute. We can point to the Democrat Party history of exploiting the struggles of minorities to gain political power, while promoting policies like the “Great Society” that formed our modern welfare state and perpetuated these same policies to maintain power, leaving a legacy of destroyed families and generational poverty in their wake.

We point out to everyone that the immoral and illegal wars and interventionist foreign policy is the reason we have terror threats and mass refugee issues across the globe. We point out that the drug war has caused so much violence and corruption in Mexico and Central America, it has forced many with no option to eek a better life, so if we end it we can solve that element of the problem at the root. We can point out the horrible end of all attempts at Socialism and the fact that consequences of allowing Socialism are the bulk of the roadblocks to allowing free travel and migration that we face today.

All of a sudden, we start being the only rational people in the room. We gain power in the legislature and bring a lawsuit against the federal government, joined by many states. We force a settlement agreement of rational immigration reform. Liberty wins.

On the pedophile/Child Porn issue, since it was referenced:


In the day of rampant Hollywood stars and politicians accused of sex crimes, the Arvin statement is great to alienate 99% of voters. The other 1% are using Bitcoin laundry services to purchase child porn.

What we should be doing is recognizing the enormous opportunity we have to gain by being pro-active in condemning pedophiles and their apologists. Both major parties are full of sickos.

GOP – Have we forgotten Roy Mooore? Do you know about Ralph Shorty? Did you know Donald Trump is in billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epsteins black book?

DNC – Bill Clinton is a rapist and his wife Hillary is also in Epsteins black book. There is tons of Demograts tied up in pedophilia and child pornography cases and accusations. Have any of you seen the police sketch of Madeline McCann’s abductors compared to the Podesta brothers? I attached it for those who have not.

If our job is to find ways to reach the electorate here is an idea. What if we took a strong stand against sex abuse of children, child pornography, and the apologists for both?
We should stop saying: “Adults should impregnate 14 year olds to lower welfare costs” like the Vice Chair, made twice as creepy since he makes his living by tutoring high school kids for college entrance exams.

We should clean our party out of this element, and point out the failure of the Republicans and Democrats to do so. We can start saying things like “First they screw you at the IRS, now they want to screw your kids”. I could meme us into a couple Governor’s mansions just with that if the LNC would grow up, and put political science ahead of virtue signals.

Other examples:

On the drug war we face big opposition from Conservatives who believe cannabis medicine is just a trick to be able to get high legally. They think we are promoting drug use by wanting to end the drug war. Here is how to approach this and win.

For those who do no know me, I helped found a gun rights group in Florida in 2010, appeared in the Florida Senate in 2011 and passed my first bill. Today Florida Carry has an impressive record of reforming gun laws, and 3 times the membership of my state LP affiliate, and they pay dues. I have proven success taking principle and creating political action with it, and I hope that will encourage you to seriously consider all the things I am saying here.

What do Conservatives hold sacred? Gun rights. Rather than call them Nazis, I am teaching them the relationship between the drug war and gun control. Did you know every federal Gun Control act was related to prohibition? The sooner the Conservatives know this, the quicker we will reform the drug war. I wrote an extremely well documented article on the subject, share it with your conservative friends.

The Hypocrisy of Supporting Gun Rights and the Drug War

In my effort to help move the LP from “philosophy club of holier than thou dicks” into a major political party, I have been writing a series of articles titled “Rules for Libertarians”. Its a spoof of the famous book “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. He took a small group of passionate leftists in the 60’s and put their golden child, Barack Obama, into a two term presidency within 30 years. His tactics work despite ideology, as they are based on political science and psychology. If you are in a leadership position and have not read it you are screwing up.

In the case of the drug war, our problem is that we sound like we are in league with the Cultural Marxists and promoting more drug use. The reality is that the only western country that has ever reduced drug use did so by decriminalizing. Rather than say “pro-choice on everything”, we should be saying something like “Decriminalization – The Anti-Drug”. Do you know how many people are affected by the current opiate crisis? 64,000 dead last year. More than the combined US KIA totals of the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.The DNC and GOP are impotent to stop it and spent a trillion dollars and drugs are cheaper and more pure. We could crush them on this issue, and it is the type of issue that moves people. We should show compassion for addicts and promote helping them rather than imprisoning them, rather than sounding like we think drugs are cool, and that’s how we are percieved right now, and it perpetuates the drug war by neutralizing our opposition.

Here is my article from the series on drug policy, if you want to win I highly suggest givig the ideas I present serious consideration.

The same idea was behind my founding of the LP Veteran’s Caucus. The anti-War movement conjures up spitting on returning GI’s from Vietnam and general anti-Americanism because of Soviet funding of the movement during the Cold War. By putting veterans at the forefront, we can take the anti-interventionist message to everyone and win.

In conclusion:

Have you noticed a pattern? I have been accused of being the alt-right, attacked, and slandered to no end since I came to the LP. The reality is that I am not trying to take over the LP for Nazis or whatever nonsense the actual entryist’s say about me.
I want to make it easier for people to immigrate here lawfully, I want to end the drug war, I want to end gun control, I want to end interventionist foreign policy. I am a Libertarian.
The difference between me and my detractors is merely approach. I think the approach is this:

#1 – Make accurate assessments and gain true understanding of how various political factions in the US think and feel about issues.

#2 – Craft a policy and a messaging/marketing plan that takes #1 into account, avoiding triggering sacred cows and biases, while exploiting areas their own party has failed them.

#3 – Acquire extensive knowledge of political science and psychology and use it to overcome the opposition attempts to prevent success.

The Libertarian Party as a whole is a grand failure in all three, and nobody likes their failures pointed out. If you want to understand the hate campaign waged against me it is basic psychology. My ideas mean the old guard’s ideas sucked, and the more my ideas work, the more bitter they get.

The thing is, these aren’t my ideas. The LP is past the idea phase. My use of right wing populism as the key to breaking through was Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, and others idea. I am carrying them out. The 13 Rules for Radicals where Saul Alinsky’s ideas. Watching Hillary Clinton go from 60’s radical SDS member to first lady and nearly gain the presidency proved their merit to me, and decide to adapt them for advancing the Libertarian Party. I learned the ideas behind free market economics from Henry Hazlitt, and my ideas about Democracy from H.L. Mencken.

No offense, but none of you guys are philosophers remotely in their league. Gary Johnson has more information on Aleppo than the American public has interest in Arvin’s opposition to age of consent laws.

The ideas are here, the philosophy is so developed at this point, its adherents are now battling over absurd peripheral points and making general asses of themselves. The age of great libertarian thinkers has come and gone. This age will be defined by the great libertarian movers. Those who implement the ideas rather than argue about them ad-nauseum. If you want to pontificate, get a speaking tour and a website. If you are going to be on the LNC, concern yourself with implementation, not making the party as philosophically extreme as possible.

I challenge all of you on the LNC to make the truly bold libertarian choice to join me in dedicating your life to creating libertarian policy and electing libertarian candidates. That is the function of the LP within the larger liberty movement.

I urge all delegates in NOLA to vote only for leadership that wants to spend 100% of their time finding new ways to reach people. Find folks like me that came from the right and deploy them there. Find folks that came from the left and deploy them in that arena. “Political Science 101” for a breakthrough movement is coalition building, not finding ways to label everyone a statist.

Whether mankind becomes free in the next century or devolves into a new dark age depends on the success of this party. Act like it.
Exist to resist

Ryan Ramsey,

Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman,
Libertarian Party of Floridaon

Director, Florida Liberty Project


Attached image:

download (3).jpeg

Alison responded. She was nicer, but did a great job illustrating how many factors we face that somoene in another district, let alone state, could possibly understand. That is a great reason to let us all be “that libertarian” in our own way.

On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 3:27 PM Alison Foxall <alison at>

> To whom this may concern:
> “Legislation that would punish local governments that don’t fully
> cooperate with federal immigration authorities drew support from
> Libertarian Alison Foxall and criticism from Democrat Margaret Good…”
> I never said I supported legislation to punish local governments. Further,
> “drew support….and criticism” never happened because the audience didn’t
> clap for either candidate. The journalist, Zac Anderson, definitely got
> those points wrong. He never directly quoted me except when I said it was a
> hot-button issue and I don’t know why (continue reading to see why I said
> that).
> I oppose the top-down approach from the state of FL forcing local
> governments to enforce federal immigration laws. The GOP continues to push
> this. Something to note: our local law enforcement and the majority of our
> constituents here in Sarasota support *legal* immigration and do not want
> their city or county turned into a haven for “undocumented” peoples, so
> they have chosen to enforce federal laws.
> As a candidate for FL state house representative, in my opinion, it is
> wise to have a working relationship with existing local elected officials
> and despite what happens in different areas of the country, our Sherrif
> here in Sarasota is well-liked and supports the second amendment and an
> armed citizenry. I support the Sherrif and the City Council– and ultimately
> the rest of the community’s decision to enforce the law. It is, after all,
> what the constituency wants and why the Sherrif has been at his station,
> continuously elected for the last 10 years.
> A question that often comes up, much more so than talking about the
> issues, is “how will you work with the old guard in Tallahassee [the
> Capital]?”. Voters are legitimately considering how a Libertarian
> Representative would work within the Republican majority and Democratic
> minority. Voters are curious if I will be able to form alliances or
> alienate myself in the House. Something they clearly don’t want is
> alienation.
> Even though I support the decisions of my constituents and their own local
> governance, I under *no circumstance* would vote at the state level to
> make counties or cities enforce federal immigration laws. That is up to
> local governments. In Florida, we have “home rule” laws and the state
> should not be imposing their will onto local municipalities. It is written
> in our state constitution. I would have very little to do when it comes to
> immigration issues which is why it is not present on my website. I’ve
> knocked on thousands of doors and out of all those people I have spoken to,
> none have ever brought up immigration. None. Sarasota does not face an
> “illegal” immigration “problem”.
> So, why was it asked at a League of Women voters event? Because the GOP
> sent scare tactic mailers to almost all voters in the district in late
> December to drum up voter turnout in a special election to vote *against*
> the Democrat. They employed the same tactic early last year in a city
> council election. The GOP lost. Badly. Since December when that first
> mailer went out, immigration questions have only come up twice in public
> appearances. The Democrats in Sarasota on the city council have no interest
> in ceasing to enforce federal immigration laws, but the GOP is blowing the
> issue out of proportion as if it’s something they want.
> Personally, I am not enthusiastic about the issue (neither are the DEM’s
> here) and it’s not something I go around talking about to solicit votes. My
> platform is largely economic and energy based, with highlights about
> restoring rights to felons that have finished their sentences and ending
> the drug war to help end the opioid crisis in our area, as well as
> jumpstart a hemp industry in our state.
> Sarasota is not like most places. 62% of its income comes from dividends,
> interest, and social security payouts. That will tip you off to the
> demographics here: older retirees. And when I say older, I mean really
> older, from the Silent Generation. We have more deaths in Sarasota than we
> do births. At least 10% of people here remember growing up during the great
> depression. A third of the population grew up and lived through WWII.
> Nearly everyone remembers the start of the Cold War, the wonders of the new
> space program, and Kennedy’s assassination. People talk about some of these
> events as if they happened just a few years ago. The things they care about
> are what I care about. I’m trying to become *their* representative, after
> all.
> The libertarian facebook firing squad is a distraction from our goal of
> reducing government. We are nowhere near even my stepping stone dream of
> very limited government. Immigration laws need massive reform at the
> federal level and how we get there is not through me or the seat I’m trying
> to win. I became a Libertarian in 2014 when Adrian Wyllie made the call to
> change my party registration. At the time I was non-partisan and a
> self-described anarcho-capitalist (hence the strong platform about economic
> freedom). I believed that political parties were a big part of the problems
> our country is facing and resisted joining for some time. But after seeing
> the injustice of debate exclusion that Wyllie faced in Florida, and the
> possibility of the Libertarian Party becoming a major party by reaching 5%
> threshold of registered voters, I took a leap of faith and joined “the
> collective” of big-L Libertarians in Florida and I haven’t looked back
> since. I figured I might as well be a part of the change, instead of not
> participating at all.
> Our campaign has received a ridiculous amount of mainstream media
> attention locally. TV and printed news is the preferred news consumption
> platform for our audience, and we’ve gotten a lot of it. Yesterday, the
> local news station came out to our canvassing assembly before we hit the
> streets. I am meeting with TV, radio, and news journalists every day this
> week. January 30th we will be in the televised debates and it is
> anticipated to be one of the most watched things on local television this
> year. I’ve attached some coverage that ran in this mornings paper. My photo
> is front and center. The article mentions we are a *big* wild card,
> campaigning *aggressively*, and could draw *significant support*. These
> are the kindest things a news journalist have said about a Libertarian
> campaign I’ve ever read about in Florida. This is our chance to win.
> I implore you all to help drum up support to win this seat instead of
> hampering it. We have huge momentum here on the ground, and we’ve already
> broken fundraising records for a FL Libertarian State House campaign in a
> special election, and are about $1,800 away from breaking the overall
> amount raised in *any* FL Libertarian State House campaign. We are making
> history and smashing through records from nearly 15 years ago. Libertarians
> in Florida are on the rise.
> As this email took an absorbent amount of time to write, if you have
> follow-up questions, please give me a call: 941-840-0369. My time needs to
> be spent very wisely from now until election day on February 13th. This is
> the home stretch, the culmination of months and thousands of hours of work.
> I’m running to advance our movement, to grow our party, and most of all to
> have Libertarian representation in our state. The opportunity to win is
> dangling in front of us, ripe, and ready for the taking. The question is:
> do you really want it as much as I do?
> Thank you,
> *Alison Foxall *
> Libertarian Candidate for FL House District 72
> *Special Election, February 13th, 2018*
> Volunteer Today:


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