Baking Cakes at Gunpoint

The Supreme Court is heavily divided on the case of whether or not a person can be forcibly coerced into violating their own religion by the armed agents of the state. The potential for disaster and even more tension and violence is high.

Stop and think about what could happen if the Supreme Court rules that they can force the Christian baker to bake this cake.

– On Martin Luther King day we can have activists forcing black citizens to bake KKK cakes and little firehoses blowing civil rights activists down the streets of Selma, enshrined on white cake..because, well, its white!

– Yom-Kippur we can force the local jews to make swastika donuts and draw portraits of Hitler in our latte foam

– Chinese New Year we can force Manchurians to comemmorate the Japanese invasion.

– Ceaser Chavez day and Cinco de Mayo we can have Donald Trump busts made in our taco salad and flan shaped like his wall.

-Ramadan we get bacon frosted Mohammed cakes!

– I was gonna think of something for white people but Cultural Marxism stripped them of any ethnic holidays long ago, cultural genocide in the name of diversity. Maybe on St. Patrick’s Day we can have the local mick make us some Union Jacks.

You get the point, this is nothing more than empowering a nation of online trolls to go into the public. A powder keg of a country, already tense and exploding into violence regularly, with monthly ANTIFA riots over anything threatening this left-wing agenda of madness. There is no liberty lost by finding a different baker. If the justices are foolish enough to rule in favor of force, I am pretty sure they will get it.

I will do as I always do, say “I told you so”.

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