My Response to Stanton’s Allegations Made to the LNC and in the Press

My Response to Commie Paul and his nonsense, as sent to the LNC.

Ladies and Gentleman,

As far as what I have read, consider the source.

Paul Frankel is a fraud and criminal, and is upset that I documented his crimes after a hit piece he wrote on me in the Republican owned rag IPR, which exists solely to sabotage the Libertarian Party, and has been the source for every negative article ever written about the LPF, from John Wayne Smith, to Alexander George, Franklin Perez, Augustus, and myself. Redich was/is on the Broward Repubican EC, now suppoosedly a Democrat, but a rival in any case. He threatened me with calling law enforcement when I asked him to take down the ANTIFA terrorist threats that doxxed my pregnant wife and threatened to “burn down our convention” from his website. Like most of what I have read here it is projecting their misconduct onto me.

Here is an article on who Paul Frankel really is, and some of his shenanigans with Paul. If anyone is an embarrassment to the LNC it is a guy convicted of election related felonies who still has not paid the fines for the crimes, and an open member of the Marxist terror organization collectively known as ANTIFA. He kidnapped a rivals dog, tortured it, and killed it. I can never be that evil.

Before you look at who represents Florida you should look into your own glass house and ask why he is using official LNC email on his non-party website to undermine the LPF.

Stanton has broken campaign finance laws, and I filed one of multiple complaints. He and his supporters are responsible for voter fraud according to the evidence I have. He wants to discredit me, because I raised the concerns last year as an EC member. As far as Stanton’s latest barrage, he dredged up an old friend I had a falling out with. This article details my evidence against him and the story behind Dave Champion.

I stand by my statements about Commissar Sarwark. I know many of you like and respect him. I do not like or respect him. He was a guest at our 2016 Convention in Florida. He saw me walk by at the bar, and launched into a bigoted tirade about my religious tattoos without having the slightest idea who I was. I was unaware at the time

I went to the speech that morning, prior to my first unanimous election as Region 4 Representative. He spoke of the imperative not to attack other libertarians. It was inspirational. I tried to speak to him after and he all but ran away. I was incredulous, but another Region Rep explained that he was at the bar that night and heard his bigoted remarks towards me. Like “why get celtic tattoos, just admit you’re a Nazi”. “I was a lawyer for skinheads”, he said, “look at that Nazi fuck”.

I emailed him the following week, and the little rat denied it. I sent him a bunch of video of me in the legislature and documented what I have done for the movement and he made a snarky comment about…wow ..I cant believe you did all that looking like you do. To trash me without knowing me, the night before delivering a speech about not attacking other Libertarians – is pure hypocrisy. Personal character trumps all for me.

When he came out in support of ANTIFA after the first Berkely riot, I wrote the quoted article. I am glad it was brought up, as this is DANGEROUS territory. Fascism is societies immune response to Communism. Just as an immune response can make you sick, so it is with society. Democracy is the road to socialism. The rule of law is a principled evaluation respecting the individual. Democracy is mob rule, and there are always more poor than rich. Class division can be exploited, and soon you have Socialism. We are the Weimar, and anyone who wishes to dispute it may call or email to discuss.

A people used to collectivism, by the desensitization that Democratic Socialism provides, confronts Communism with a Fascist Strongman. Every time. Germany, Italy, and Argentina…you name it. I challenge any of you to show me a fascist movement that did not start with an opposition to Marxist uprising.

Marxism is the dominant collectivist ideology on earth and it should be our focus to oppose it. Again, prove it if you want to challenge it.

So if Nick Sarwark is publicly sympathetic to Marxist ANTIFA, then he is directly contributing to the rise of Fascism. I am actually having more difficulty fighting Fascism because of people like Sarwark. If the chair of America’s 3rd biggest party is so ignorant of how Fascism works, and is also Jewish…who paid a higher price than his own people? I say he is a disgrace. I criticize Richard Spencer for the same thing, Spencer is of Jewish ancestry but promotes Nazism directly, Sarwark foments Fascism indirectly by fostering the conditions that bring it about. Furthermore, what if Sarwark’s alliance with the Marxist/ANTIFA side is successful? What if they beat the Fascists/Nazis? I again refer you to history:

So fuck Nick Sarwark, and I am approaching enough likely delegates to unseat him in June, and it aint even Christmas. I reserve the right to believe the LNC can do better than 3.6%. Being a con-man is great at the used car lot, it is where he belongs. He refused a peace offer a few months ago, he’s smug and confident in his BS, let that beef settle with delegate counts in June. I will buy the asshat a shot of whiskey if he wins, as a show of honor. Just understand the backdrop, and that Nick started it, and has had multiple opportunities to fix it. When he goes the way of Adrian, Stanton, Augustus, and Char-Lez, it’s his own damn fault.

I personally think Nick is racially insensitive and wrote about it a few months ago.

I also advocated for a black man to replace him, and supported the Cuban for Chair, while Stanton backed the white guy.

As far as racism, I risked my life multiple times to leave, and help others leave, racist groups. The American Guard exists as a means to divert people away from ethnic nationalism, the fact that some of us were far right in the past is a testament to their honor. It is taking responsibility for the past and deflating that balloon. I think our position is clear when reading our reasons for ejecting Augustus. When the LPF attacked him it was BS. They kept it up so long Augustus said..”screw it, might as well hang out with nazis since they always call me that”.

That is weak. The American Guard ejected him by unanimous vote of the state presidents in less than 48 hours post Charlottesville. The LPF could not do it in 2 years. Maybe we should give the LPF Affiliation to the AG? Read it and decide if we just have black gay guys and latino state leaders as “Tokens”, what Tom Knapp called them in a racist tirade.

A note on Knapp, I point blank asked him if rumors of his involvement in child porn with Free Talk Live staff was true, he blocked me. He did vote for me in May as his Region Rep though, he knows goddamn well I am not a Nazi. He did defend Brad Spangler and FTR for their sex crimes which is weird. Speaking of pubic perception.

My views on race do not require looking for secret meaning, I did a video a couple months ago called “Race and the Libertarian”.

I did a round table with a Conservative Republican and a Democrat state level NAACP leader in PA recently:

The rest of it is out of context, outright lies, or obsessive digging for something. I dont have 1920’s nazi propaganda books. I do have google, where I saw an image of Harvey Weinstein Groping Emma Watson coupled with a pic of a top hat wearing industrialist abusing a woman, I thought it showed how the powerful take advantage of women throughout the ages, This fool saw nazis. Why? You can find anything if you look for it with enough bias.

The reason the LPF EC has refused to entertain Stanton’s numerous attacks, is because everyone here knows he’s lying. They actually live and work here. Stanton’s short reign saw a refusal to affiliate new counties because he did not want to lose power. An At-Large Director called Stanton out for attempting to make himself Affiliate Chair without quorum, and subsequently this EC member was doxxed and called a Nazi. Stanton lost a county due to ineptitude, which we had to re-affiliate, and other counties asked to be moved to other regions because he is such an asshat.

Meanwhile, here is what I have done in a 9 county region that was devoid of LPF activity 24 months ago.

Listen to my arguments in the legislature:

As far as this issue, Florida Politics did a sort of fair write up, read the comments, after this Stanton bots may flood, but you can see the general public reaction:

If you judge me by my deeds I pass muster. If you have a question about my beliefs, call me or email me. I’ve been unanimously elected twice by a diverse group of Libertarians, in the largest region of the LPF. I came here to get a body camera bill passed for a dead gay man, Jason Westcott. I pushed my first bill through in the Florida Senate in 2010. I am hated by the Alt-Right and the Commies like Stanton and Frankel. That means I am doing a great job. I am not quitting but advancing liberty.

Hell, Cantwell wants to sue me for this viral video now, read the description:

Since we’re on a big email chain, Caryn Harlos, I want to talk to you about pro-life Libertarianism on my show.

I am here in deep red bible belt building a Libertarian machine. Some of you are in blue areas. I bet you have a different tactic. You may have different opinions on something, that is fine with me. It wasn’t fine with Paul, so good riddance.

A note on Nationalism,, the move to create a global dictatorship must be opposed by all Libertarians. Nationalism is the belief in having a nation.

Everyone who is not an Anarchist is a Nationalist. Whether Nationalism is toxic depends on what principles are used to found the nation. Myself and the AG support Constitutional Nationalism, a nation founded on the principles expressed in the Bill of Rights. Reality is that Anarchy in the US would not result in liberty, it would result by co-option into the Globalist New World Order, representing everything Libertarians oppose. While I understand Anarchism and believe the day of the sovereign individual will come, it wont be in my lifetime. We must first restore the Bill of Rights, autonomy of states, and local control. I did not join a philosophy club but a political party, this is the political reality.

It boils down to definitions, the definition used to define Nationalism expressed by Stanton and his ilk is Orwellin “Newspeak” and I do not accept it.

I think a good analogy to help you understand is the way we treat the word liberal. The negative reaction to the term “Nationalism” by many Libertarians is akin to the reaction by a Republican to the word “liberal”, invoking Marxist economics and other leftist beliefs. Meanwhile I consider myself a classical liberal, as were most of the founding fathers.

Attacking me for “Nationalism” would display the same ignorance as a Republican who attacked me for being a “liberal”, and both are gross misrepresentations of what I believe, based on false pretense.

My band does cover a Skrewdriver song. It is probably my favorite song in the world, and will be played at my funeral. Rock Against Communism is not racist, it is music opposing Marxism. I suspect quite a few in this party of being Marxist sympathizers, if they have a problem with RAC that is likely why.

You can read more about RAC and ANTIFA here:

When I cover a Greatful Dead song I am not necessarily supporting everything they ever did or said, and the same with Skrewdriver. Here are the lyrics to the song, and a video of me performing it. I played it on the beach with Matt Welch from Reason last may, he seemed to dig it.

Skrewdriver Suddenly Lyrics
We live in changing times
When certain thoughts are now a crime
Power flows through an evil pen
And freedom’s light in growing dim

One day if suddenly, I’m forced to take my leave
Will you still carry on, with the things that we believe?
One day if suddenly, they take my life away
Will you still be fighting to win a bright new day?

The people who’ve stood against us
They seem to be above the law
With the power to listen into private moments in our lives
And the power to come kick down your door


Our strength has come from ideals many years’ old
A strength that has survived within our blood
A strength our foe has recognised, and sworn to drag it down
He wants to drag our people through the mud

(chorus) x2

This business of calling people Nazis is a joke at this point. This is par for the course and indicative of what it is like to be a Libertarian in the toxic environment Stanton created in Florida, and Cultural Marxists are creating nationwide.


Tom DiLorenzo gave a great talk at our last convention on the subject. If you are unfamiliar, Cultural Marxism was born in the 1920’s after attempts at making western countries Communist failed. The Frankfurt School was founded to determine how to bring the west under Communism. They found that it was our culture of individualism that prized personal achievement and rights of the individual, as well as our religious concept of an individual relationship with God.

They determined that the culture must be attacked, and then we could be made to accept Socialism. They fled Germany in the 30’s and set up shop at Columbia University. Their graduates founded the political polling groups, headed the 3 big networks for decades, founded the big marketing firms of the 20th century, as well as radically changed the social sciences, and were the priniple force in changing America from a Republic into a Social Democracy.

Here is a great documentary on the subject featuring Ron Paul:

Here is an article if you do not have time for the movie:

This should clarify why Sarwark and Stanton are so dangerous for the party and liberty in general.

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