Uncivil Rights, Volume 5 – SJW Terrorism According to Interpol


Aftermath of the Sterling Hall Bombing

CBS News Published a pictorial of Interpol’s 35 Most Wanted. 5 are left-wing terrorists, and the rest of the list is also very eye opening. There are zero right-wing terrorists on the list.

As easy as it is to laugh at the November 4 ANTIFA threat, the left wing is a far greater threat than Islamic terrorists, and has committed political acts of extreme violence for decades.

Donna Joan Borup

This warrior for social justice threw acid in the face of a police officer partially blinding him in a violent protest in support of Communist Terror Groups in South Africa. He was guarding the South African Rugby Team. To a Marxist,  the cop is responsible for the nature of the laws in a foreign government of the rugby team he is guarding. That is the logic of left-wing violence in a nut shell.

She has a lesbian lover who was part of the same collective, they are known as the “Thelma and Louise” Fugitives. When I say she is a commie, I mean literally. Borup, who was 30 years old when she blinded the cop, belonged to the May 19th Communist Organization.

Catherine Kerkow

This lefty hijacked an Airplane and flew to Algeria to show that war is wrong, and to protest the arrest of Angela Davis. Davis was the Black Panther and Communist Party USA member who bought guns used in a courtroom massacre. It must have worked, Davis got off and now California taxpayers pay provide her a nice pension after she brainwashed a generation teaching in a California University.  Davis is probably laughing and sharing a cocktail with Kerkow as we speak.


Leo Burt

Leo Burt is one of the dirtiest Reds ever,  responsible for the Sterling Hall bombing. The August 1970 explosion, which targeted an Army-funded research center, stood for a quarter-century as the largest act of domestic terrorism in U.S. history until the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

It was the first time bombers had packed major explosives in a vehicle, and authorities say it ushered in the modern era of terrorist truck bombs.

A former altar boy and ROTC student who embraced left-wing politics, Burt is thought to be the last of the Vietnam-era radicals pursued by the FBI.



Joseph Mamoud Dibee and Josephine Sunshine Overake

These fine liberals caused $80 million in damages bombing ski resorts and research labs to save mother earth. Classic watermelons, green on the outside – red on the inside. The rest of their comrades in the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front got busted, but these two tree hugging bolsheviks remain at large. They lurk among us somewhere, fighting for the trees to have social justice, and equal rights for spotted owls, or whatever.


George Edward Wright

This Black Liberation Army terrorist murdered a man as he was re-distributing the man’s wealth during a gas station robbery. He later escaped prison and hijacked a plane to Algiers with other BLA members. They ransomed the plane afterwards. He was arrested in 2011 but Obama gave a Presidential fist-bump to the President of Portugal, and they let him go.

There were only 2 Islamic Terrorists on the list.

There were 18 Child Molesters/Rapists

It is time to focus law enforcement efforts on pedophiles and Marxists!


The right is not the terror threat.



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