Mass Shootings Are Probably YOUR Fault

Do you carry a battle worthy rifle and a few magazines in your vehicle, and a quality handgun on your person in order to fight your way to that rifle – at all times?

If so, you do not need to read this.

If the answer is no, you are an accessory to the mass murder in Las Vegas.

There is nothing new under the sun.

Armed men are free men. Disarmed men are slaves. The degree to which you are enslaved in any society can be measured by the disparity between what weaponry the government is allowed to own and what weaponry the citizens are allowed to own. Mass shootings were not a problem when you could buy machine guns and have them mailed to your home.


Just a few decades ago, America still valued the concept of duty. It was long before the hero of Tiananmen Square stood defiantly before those Communist tanks in China, but that was a situation Americans would never face. Why? That answer is simple, because we could buy anti-tank weapons, and we did not have to tell the government about it. The idea of tyranny in the United States was so implausible, we started leaving our guns at home. We started letting the government pass “common sense gun regulations”. George Orwell’s 1984 was not really fiction, but a prophecy that was only off by two years. When the “Gun Control Act of 1986” was signed into law, war became peace, freedom became slavery, and ignorance was lifted up as strength.

I recently gave a speech the weekend of the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, which is now runner-up for biggest mass shooting in US history.  Those victims were a completely different demographic, but shared something with the victims in Las Vegas. They were in a place that firearms were not permitted, which translates to: “mass shootings encouraged”. The larger problem is a society that knows government is wasteful and inept, but has left it almost totally in charge of their personal safety.  If you are man who has not acquired some basic martial arts and firearm skills, and a quality rifle and handgun, you have done so. If you do not keep those firearms well maintained and in close proximity, you have surrendered your responsibility to the nanny state.



                                                 A Libertarian Solution


Considering the role of Cultural Marxism in creating this situation, it would be pretty absurd to approach the issue with Critical Theory, so I will offer a few simple solutions. While you may be an accessory to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, by abandoning your duty to protect yourself and your community to a corrupt government, I do not think you realized it. The Frankfurt School/ISR perpetrated the most successful brainwashing operation in history. Due to a lack of criminal intent, you will be issued a pardon if you start treating personal safety with the same care you give to feeding your children. Terms are fulfillment of items #1 and 2.

1) Procure a battle worthy rifle and quality handgun, as well as sufficient magazines and ammunition to engage in a firefight with criminals or terrorists. Keep the rifle within arms reach at your home or business, and in your vehicle elsewhere. Keep your handgun on your person at all times. Restore the concept of duty to your life. Do you forget to put your infant in the car seat? Do you buckle up the older kids? Would you drink and drive a school bus full of kids? Of course not! Start treating self defense with the same care and consideration. Apply the same social pressure to those who do not carry as we do to those who leave animals to die in hot cars.

2) Devote some time to training and make sure you are able to effectively use your firearms. Find your local IDPA and learn to use your handgun. Project Appleseed will help you become a rifleman. Find your local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school and gain some basic hand to hand combat skills.

3) Reform legislation that perverts the hierarchy of natural rights and property rights. Gun free zones are actually the building permits for the kill box, and must be eliminated. Clarify in the law that the natural right of self defense is superior to property rights. If Mandalay Bay, a concert, or any other commercial enterprise wishes to prohibit firearms, they automatically assume liability for any injury and responsibility for protection. If Mandalay Bay and the concert promoters were forced to liquidate their assets and divide them up between the victims, we could put the “No Guns Allowed” signs in the same pile as the “No Colored Allowed” signs, where they belong. 

State governments must revoke leases for military bases and federal buildings or installations unless they allow properly vetted civilian contractors to keep firearms in their vehicles. Teachers must be armed, and qualify annually to prove an adequate set of skills as long as we have compulsory government education. 

4) Aggressive litigation strategies must be used on any business that prohibits firearms and leaves customers and employees vulnerable. Create an environment where liability and other insurance required to operate is unobtainable unless a commercial enterprise allows firearms on the premises.

If we allow the Marxist/Globalist cabal to exploit this attack by instituting new gun bans, we trade mass shootings today for mass graves tomorrow. By embracing the steps above, we trade encroaching tyranny for perpetual liberty.


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