A Heartfelt Thank You To My Libertarian Brothers and Sisters

Do not let the SJW hate campaign distract you from our amazing progress, and a heartfelt thank you to all who see the truth

For the last couple years, many of my friends and family have asked me why I continue my work for liberty in the face of constant insult, threats of violence, and slander in the press by SJW media outlets.

The answer is very simple. I am an American Heathen and we believe that victory will always come to those who do right and fear nothing.

I also believe in my nation and the Libertarian Party. I knew the truth would come out eventually.

One by one principled libertarians from around America have come to me to apologize for misjudging me, and listening to the left wing lies and rumors. We start to work together and this movement and party grow stronger.

Today the LPF stands as the fastest growing party in Florida. You voted out the bulk of the vermin, and now see the reality of those who persecuted me.

I knew you would. I believed in you guys all along. I am humbled and thankful for the passionate defenses of my work and character by so many of you.

As they implode in an orgy of lies and hateful rhetoric that is now including all of you, just remember, you do not get flak unless you are over the target.

Consider this a warm up for what we all will face from the Democrats and GOP as we destroy the paradigm of voting lesser of 2 evils.

Those of you still here are gold refined in the fire. Those who quit over this were not cut out for the big show. I wish them the best and now men and women of iron can strengthen these weak spots this test found for us.

I would like to thank the Region 7 Delegates. By voting this disgusting hateful Communist into our midst, you have helped us find the snakes among us. You have helped us grow stronger by exposing those who could not handle struggle. (Please don’t do it again though

I love all of you and I know this revived and renewed LPF will be the start of changing everything in Florida for the better in ways most cannot grasp right now.

I operate like the eagle in our national seal. I carry the arrow in one claw, but the olive branch in the other. I will continue to fight those who have refused my offers of peace. They were not made from a vantage point of weakness. I extended offers immediately after my first election to the EC, and to Stanton in person in Alachua after months of failed attempts to get someone to run aganst me, just prior to my unanimous re-election. I continue to offer peace as I claim victory, good leaders must lay ego to the side for the greater good.

This will be like a jiu-jitsu match. I will crank your arm or deepen the choke until your arm snaps or you go unconscious. However, you may tap at any time and I will stop, then we can show respect and get a cold drink of water.

I began to tag everyone and there is so many I hit the max. Feel free to share.

Exist to Resist!

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