Veterans Memorial Saved in Tampa!

From our friends at Turn2Liberty

Published on Jul 2, 2017

We are covering the days event, when the Hillsborough Board of County Commissioners failed to pass a vote to re-locate a Confederate War Memorial statue, originally placed in 1911. We interview one of the commissioners that voted to re-locate it, and a pair of notable presenters on Southern heritage and advocates for educating the populace on the war between the States of 1861-5.

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Commissioners Victor Crist, Ken Hagan, Sandy Murman and Stacy White, all GOPers, were in the majority. The board’s other Republican, Commissioner Al Higginbotham, joined Democrats Pat Kemp and Les Miller in advocating for its removal.

Secondarily, the same day of voting did pass a motion agreeing not to move any war memorials, effectively putting an end to this deliberation.

Primary interviewees were
0:04:33 Commissioner Pat Kemp.
0:08:24 Local attorney and ‘Commander’ of Camp #2210 of Sons of Confederate Veterans David R. McCallister, Esq, , and
0:14:59 Mr. HK Edgerton of North Carolina.
0:23:20 Closing Comments…


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