A Recitation Of Daniel Webster’s long Lost 1802 4th of July Oration

The transcript penned by Daniel Webster himself was found 80 years later in a junk shop in Boston Massachusetts

Daniel Webster was an ardent Constitutional Nationalist and famed orator. He served as Secretary of State under 3 Presidents, a member of the House of Representatives, and as a US Senator.

He gave an address on July 4th, 1802, in a church in Freyburg, New Hampshire, as part of a tradition in the early days of the Republic to deliver inspirational speeches to celebrate this unique American holiday. Many years after his death, a patriotic collector found his personal papers in a junk shop in Boston, Massachusetts. Among them was the handwritten text of this speech.

80 years after the speech was delivered, it was discovered once again. The words call out to us 215 years from the past, as a young Daniel Webster’s remarks on patriotism and American exceptionalism still ring true.

After a short introduction by Lillian and Rowan Ramsey, Florida Vice-President of the American Guard, and modern day politician, Ryan Ramsey, reads the speech on 4th of July, 2017. We hope you take a few moments to enjoy its timeless and inspirational message.

The tradition of the Independence Day Oration lives again!

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