The Solution – Political, Cultural, or Both?

An Analogy, and an Explanation


There is a recent conflict in the United States, as the growing movement of right-wing populism has been infiltrated by Ethno-Nationalists, National Socialists, Third Positionists, and others, who promote left-wing economic ideologies. Some even have plans for “peaceful ethnic cleansing”. These ideas are absurd on their surface, because all forms of socialism fail, every time. There are still people who claim it “has not been done right”, even after a century of trying, with a death toll well over 100 million. In an age where the “Flat Earth Society” has seen a re-birth, I suppose we should not be surprised. It only takes one person who does not want to leave before “Peaceful Ethnic Cleansing” turns into the Gulag Archipelago. I am pretty sure it will be a lot more than one, and not very peaceful, let alone successful.

In 25 years of activism, I have seen a half dozen other “Unite the Right” campaigns, perhaps with a different title. It should be obvious why it was not united in the first place, for if we were all of singular purpose, there would not be so many different groups. These efforts are born of ignorance and political impotence, and often fostered by the very government the activists want to fight, because the political science education in the grassroots is seldom on par with the passion of the people involved. Now it is time for the analogy, which will be followed by the explanation.

The current situation could best be described as one impotent man deciding that the solution to his inability to get his wife pregnant is to gather together a large group of men who are also impotent, and take turns having sex with his wife. Unite! She will get pregnant – if enough people, who have also proven their inability to create a baby, take turns having sex with her. After everyone is done, the men discuss the reasons for their infertility. It is discovered that the husband had only tried to get her pregnant for 3 days before calling all the other impotent men over.

So it is with this situation, as the right has been growing in power – both in the street and the legislature – since the defeat of Obama. Why the sudden call for unity? What need does it serve, when we are just getting started and it is going quite well? The recent special elections were a crushing defeat for the left. I have 5 new Libertarian candidates in my region in the last few weeks. Mainstream America now hates ANTIFA, and street groups like the Alt-Knights, The Proud Boys, and the The American Guard are all growing in numbers and influence. The idea we are on the ropes and need to unite with a bunch of questionable groups, peddling even more questionable ideologies, is preposterous. That is why I believe this is more of a COINTELPRO-style operation to destroy the credibility and public image of the movement.

People seem to be confused about the path to the restoration of American greatness. Wanting to “Make America Great Again” is a hollow phrase if we become confused about what that means, and the alt-right people who criticize the Libertarians, and vice-versa, are confused, lacking a clear understanding of what victory looks like.

The bulk of the-alt right are politically ignorant, meaning they do not have any understanding about legislation, litigation, or electioneering. They have no ballot access or means to bring any of their ideas into fruition. Memes do not change laws or elect competent leadership. They need to unify their movement with a political movement, not unify with more groups for more memes.

Some Libertarians are as culturally ignorant as the alt-right is politically ignorant. However, the main criticisms of libertarianism are based on lies about what it is. We literally state in our platform that we support borders to prevent entry to those who are a credible threat to health or safety and to prevent disease, etc., which covers 100% of the people the alt-right wants to keep out. The fact you see a Libertarian promoting open borders in a Facebook group, or a post on a party site, is no more representative of the way the rank and file feel than Lindsey Graham’s amnesty for illegal immigrants campaign represented the average Republican voter.
The Libertarian Party is the only means to accomplish what we need politically. The Republicans support 7 of Marx’s 10 Planks, and the Democrats all 10. The Republicans have not even proposed a balanced budget since 1994. Their idea of budget cuts is to propose a lower amount of deficit spending. That is not any solution, it is a slower death. Bush Jr. presided over a 40% reduction in the value of the dollar, and left office dropping a 750 billion dollar bank bailout, yet Republicans lose their shit over a trillion for Obamacare.
So Republicans are 3/4 as bad as Democrats. Trump cannot save it even if I was wrong, and he was not really a NY liberal. The only solution is elimination of the Federal Reserve, and breaking the back of globalist bankers, getting rid of the IRS and most of the federal government, closing 900 military bases across the world, ending the drug war, and restoration of the Bill of Rights. Only one party can accomplish that, and has it explicitly in their platform, the LP.
However, the political solution is only half the battle, because the political corruption was accomplished through cultural corruption via Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism, and by people who generally never held office. So THAT is why I am an LP officer as well as an American Guard officer. I fight the political battle and the cultural battle in a united front with the LP and AG. You could be doing it with the Republican Liberty Caucus and the Proud Boys, and I would consider us allies. You could be mostly political, throwing your efforts into right-wing conservatism or libertarianism, and our beliefs and goals would be generally congruent. You could throw the bulk of your efforts to cultural and street actions, and be a Proud Boy, Alt-Knight, or American Guard member, and still be generally on the same page. A Socialist, National Socialist, or a person who thinks that if we just ethnically cleanse the country the factories will magically build themselves and our currency will magically be sound, is not an ally. They do not fit any definition of right-wing, beyond the false one our enemies impose on us.
If you are not proposing a political solution based on liberty, along with a cultural revival, you are like a big pile of guns with no soldiers, or a vast army with no weapons…. equally useless, and subject to co-option by others, and for other purposes. If you promote Socialism, national or otherwise, you are the enemy. Just because you are “woke” on cultural issues does not mean you can build a prosperous future for your race or nation. Russia and Eastern Europe were pretty white, and Socialism still sucked. If you are operating on failed economic and political ideas, you still end up with corruption and poverty, and Communism comes right back.

You need sound politics AND cultural revival. Anyone not promoting BOTH, is part of the problem, and NOT a part of OUR movement.

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