Speech Against Barbarism – Orlando

Take your PC BS Somewhere Else, Pick A Side!

On the 1 yr anniversary weekend of the murder of 49 people and the injury of over 50 more at the hands of a Muslim son of immigrants, I condemned the use of murder and intimidation in the furtherance of political, social, or religious goals near the Pulse nightclub –  at a gathering that featured a broad spectrum of Americans from all walks of life. I condemned the wicked ideologies of bestiality, incest, homophobia, stoning rape victims, genital mutilation of young girls, and the mixture of religion and politics.

I continue, by admonishing Muslims who do not support these practices, to rise up and be the “Martin Luther” of their religion and nail these criticisms to the door of the Mosque and purge these violent and disgusting practices from among them, as silence implies support.

My speech warns against the unholy union of Marx and Mohammed that has already destroyed Europe, and admonishes all free people to stand up and fight these hateful ideologies and promote liberty.


Coming To America If We Do Not Resist NOW


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