Global Dissident Voices – Counter Demonstrating Against Moms Demand Action

Bloomberg Mobilizes Gun Grabbers In Orange, We Opposed Them


Former NY Mayor Bloomberg’s group set up shop at the Friendship Fountain in Jacksonville, Fl.

Members of the Duval, Bradford, and Alachua County Libertarian Party of Florida Affiliates joined with members of Jacksonville Open Carry, The Florida Liberty Project, The American Guard, Florida Carry, and the NRA to oppose the evil left-wing “Moms Demand Action” agenda, that seeks to render us disarmed slaves.

They were disingenuous about their legislative goals, I was able to get proof they have one despite the denials. Ryan did interviews with Dennis from Florida Carry/Jax Open Carry, and Chris from Alachua LPF, and then Rob and Dennis discuss the state of Florida gun rights over a beer with him at the American Legion afterwards.

A local petitioner gets a cameo, she was collecting signatures for restoring felons voting rights, and we signed in support.


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