Cuban Libertarians Released

Kidnapped and Beaten, They Remain Defiant Against Communism

#Released were freed and left in different parts of the city our brothers. Were brutally beaten and threatened not to go ahead with the party. But don’t let up, continue with the hunger strike and demanding the release of political prisoners.


Castro continues the pressure on the valiant Cuban Libertarian Party. They were beaten again and told to stop their hunger strike, and their party organizing. They will not. Remember this when it seems like a hassle to attend your local affiliate meeting or volunteer for an event. At least you do not risk your life an freedom to do so, yet.

From last week:

Released threatened members of the libertarian party of Cuba – José Martí

On the afternoon of the 24th of may on six o’clock in the afternoon were detained at the headquarters of the Libertarian Library Benjamin Franklin, five members Nelson Rodriguez, Charity Ramirez, Heriberto Pons, Miguel Lopez and Edward.

After being surrounded all day by cars special brigades in the state, they stormed in at headquarters 17 individuals two women – are people chunky style of Mafia Thugs -, searched headquarters and House breaking items and took them detained at various police stations, the reason the hunger strike that maintain Nelson and Miguel demanding the release of other libertarians detained since 3 months ago and because they belong to an illegal organization under the tyrannical regime, passed Night in dungeons, were humiliated, harassed and beaten in yesterday morning were left on the street barefoot and had to walk to their homes about 30 miles.

Given letters of warning to cease the strike and the activity of the party, these letters that they refused to sign are a prelude to a probable prison.

After 24 hours of this arrest have received a summons for today friday heriberto and charity accusing them of denying help to those who keep the hunger strike.

We’ll update


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