Libertarianism – The Annoying Teenager Phase, This Too Shall Pass

Yes, This is Annoying.

Don’t Worry, This is Normal And We Will Get Through This.

Libertarians are looking around these days thinking – WTF? You have a group of them running around yelling “Fascist” and “Nazi” like they have SJW-Tourett’s. The Vice-Chair is calling veterans murderers. The Chair is spending his time lying in the press, insulting Ron Paul, and encouraging violence and siding with ANTIFA. We have Satan Memes for Easter week, and quote Communist world leaders who are literally terrorist mass murders on our official social media outlets. A small yet vocal group of Crypto-Communists calling themselves “Left-Libertarians” is claiming ownership of the party and trying to drive out any vestige of patriotism, family values, and even Classical Liberalism and Minarchism. Some people have left because of it, and those who did not are extremely irritated by this behavior that defies all logic and reason.

Human beings start out life essentially helpless. We have to learn how to quit pissing on ourselves, and then how to eat. We learn to talk, write, and do basic math. We learn to tie our shoes and dress ourselves. We get cell phones and start learning how to drive a car. Now that we are in possession of all the tools needed to function, we enter a phase where we think we know it all, and begin to grate on the nerves of the adults around us. We might take up arms as a militant vegan against the meat state, or decry the evils of capitalism on our I-phones. We might go full captain whitey, and find “the joooooo” hidden under our toast. While insufferable at times, it does pass – at least for most.

The Libertarian Party is not broken, it is in the adolescent phase. Our fundraising and membership continue to grow, albeit slowly.  These arguments that seem to fall on deaf ears will become a part of the institutional memory, like the advice the teenager ignores is remembered a few years later. Just as teenagers bash themselves against a world they are trying to understand, while pretending they already do, the party seems to flounder at times. We will look back on it years later and remember our dumb “edgy meme phase”. The Sarwark phase, the Arvin phase, and the time we put that moron Gary Johnson on the ticket with that commie Bill Weld will give us all a good laugh. One day we will grow up.

Winston Churchill once said, if you aren’t a Socialist when you are 20 you don’t have a heart, if you are still a Socialist when you are 40, you don’t have a brain. The lefty nonsense will eventually fade away with experience, and the addition of more well-educated and patriotic Americans. We have the infrastructure, the volunteers, and the ballot access in large part. We are increasing the number of candidates. We are like the teenager, who has all the tools to support themselves, but lacks the wisdom. This can only come with a little more age. The best way to effect that is for the adults in the life of this adolescent to guide him, being firm but letting him chart his own path – within the bounds of reason.

We will have to have some yelling matches. There will be tantrums and passionate defense of ridiculous arguments. Teenagers think they know it all, but rest assured that later in life, those who suffer them in order to teach them, will be well loved and respected for it. It is a worthy endeavor, protecting and mentoring this insolent little fucker, even when you save him from himself. He is a good kid, and he’s going to make us proud in a few years. I have faith in him.

3 thoughts on “Libertarianism – The Annoying Teenager Phase, This Too Shall Pass

  1. Thanks for this. As someone who formally joined the party the day my old party nominated the current President, I’ve been scratching my head lately wondering what I’ve gotten myself into here. I have some money to give and I’ve always voted, even when I was deployed overseas a long time ago. I have generally felt welcome in this party, but we do indeed need to grow up and realize that to make positive changes, we have to work within the current political system, whether we like this or not. That means focusing on what’s important and making compromises on what’s not, which is something that is increasingly hard for those in the main two parties.

    Unfortunately, this also means casting out those who don’t get this and those who seem intent on keeping the LP party a fringe movement. I’m here because I want the govt out of my life, I want to end our horrible foreign policy while maintaining the strength to defend ourselves and I want the govt to stop spending the wealth of future generations. If we focus on those things, it will be a good start. The rest is noise and it doesn’t help anyone.


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