Politics is Downstream From Culture

This is a Political Science Class, Not A Philosophy Class

Nearly every debate and controversy within the Libertarian Party has the same issue at its root. The fight is not between right and left libertarians, Nationalists and Anarchists, or former Republicans against former Democrats. The fight is between those who understand the culture, and those who do not. Those who fail in politics ignore the culture and focus on the philosophy. I would like to offer the reader an analogy to consider, in order to illustrate this point.

If the country was a medical patient, and you were the surgeon, would you begin cutting blindly on the patient without diagnosing them? Perhaps the patient has gangrene in a limb. You may be 100% right that the limb should be amputated. You begin to remove it, and there is an immediate excessive amount of bleeding. You realize they need a transfusion, but you do not know what blood type they have. This takes a moment, and you realize that the hospital is experiencing a severe shortage of the patient’s blood type. Efforts to stop the bleeding are not working, and before blood from another hospital arrives, the patient dies.

Later, the autopsy reveals the patient was a hemophiliac, and the operating room staff had already learned too late that the deceased had a rare blood type. Every cut was precise and textbook, every  procedure was followed correctly. The patient still died, and the cause was a lack of concern for properly understanding the underlying issues at hand. Had these issues been properly diagnosed and understood, the patient could have been infused with a clotting agent, and the operation delayed until a sufficient supply of backup blood was obtained. The same surgeon, in the same room, with the same tools and support staff, could have easily saved the patient.

This patient is the United States of America, and the surgical team is the Libertarian Party. Consider me the new Administrator, hired after  the large sum dispersed following the lawsuit by the family of the patient who died needlessly. I am here to institute a new program to ensure the knife does not begin to cut until the proper diagnosis has been made. The dead patient was an election return of 3.6%, when the campaign began at 12%. There is an underlying issue the LP election surgical team completely missed, and it is one that could be very easily remedied, as easily as administrating an IV of clotting agent, and having extra blood available in the operating room.

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The missing element to the surgical team in the Libertarian Party is an understanding of culture. For example, take into consideration the derogatory remarks made against members of the military and veterans by the Vice-Chair, Arvin Vohra recently. He responded to the criticism with more complex philosophical arguments to justify and defend the remarks. He was akin to the surgeon in the example I gave above explaining how every cut he made, and every technique used, including the CPR, was textbook. He may be 100%  right from some philosophical or ethical perspective, but his comments are still of the sort that will render us DOA in the next election.

There is nothing in the actual words of the Satanic meme posted on the LP Facebook page recently that advocates a non-libertarian position. However, to post it on the official party social media, especially on the week of Easter and Passover, alienates an enormous portion of the electorate. It is just as harmful as not understanding the degree to which hemophilia affects the amount of bleeding during an amputation. When Nick Sarwark insists on insulting Ron Paul and going off platform to call the border an imaginary line in the press, while a backlash against the Democratic Party’s use of illegal immigration as a political tool to prop up Socialism is underway, the patient is bleeding out and we do not have any blood for the dying individual.

If you did not notice the backlash to the left wing exploitation of the immigration issue propelled Donald Trump to victory in the election, with chants of “Build The Wall”, you are doing a horrible job of diagnosing the patient. It was the same incompetence that had the party chanting “Legalize Heroin” when Nancy Reagan had the nation chanting “Just Say No”. Like the surgeon, we can show how technically correct we may be, and make smug philosophical arguments to prove we are right, and the patient still dies. With the patient in the morgue, what have we won? A meme war? A Facebook argument?

I challenge you to change your thinking, to start realizing what you will lose, because when this patient named America dies, you lose EVERYTHING. We enter a new dark age of unimaginable tyranny that will last centuries – if it is ever overcome. A proper diagnosis would have the LP eliminate Socialism, which a large part of the electorate would get behind, and reduce border restrictions after. Just as we could secure a supply of blood for the patient, and administer a clotting agent before we applied the scalpel to that rotten limb.

The Fascists and the Nazis were defeated 75 years ago. That leaves one dominant form of collectivist tyranny on earth, Marxism. They have a head start, realizing the importance of culture to politics a century ago. They focused their efforts on the culture, and utilized the lessons of the Frankfurt School/ISR. They successfully changed the culture and the politics followed. If you have not watched the movie “Cultural Marxism, The Corruption of America“, you have not completed your surgical residency. It features Ron Paul and G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature From Jekyll Island”, and explains how the enemy used culture upstream from politics to change America into the Socialist debacle it is today.

You must understand the tactics used to destroy your freedom, the architects of it, and the groups responsible. The job of the liberty surgeon must start with a defense and restoration of the culture, or we will not be a people capable of self governing. There will be no political victory without a cultural revival. That is why I am involved in many community efforts outside of politics. We must attack the system with a full frontal offensive in the culture war, combined with a flanking maneuver in the political arena.

There are many elements of Cultural Marxism that co-opt elements of the liberty movement. You do not need a political science degree to understand the course we need to take. You know the difference between real freedom and its perversion by the “Social Justice Warrior”. You know it is the politicians who deserve to be spit upon, not the soldier. You know the difference between a real liberty activist and ANTIFA. You know that we should not be alienating members of the largest religion in the country during their holy days. You know that equal rights are not special rights. You know that attacking marble and granite, while modern day slavery is on the rise is hypocritical. If you are in doubt, follow the money. If Marxist or Globalist groups are funding something, divorce yourselves from it and fight against them.

Look for new arguments to bring people into the fold, not alienate them. Be willing to teach and convince, rather than coerce or condemn. This is a political party, our goal is to create broad appeal among the electorate, in order to elect candidates who can advance our ideals. If what you are doing is not making that happen, you are already wrong. Save your intellectual argument for philosophy class. This is the operating room of political science.

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