To The Gulag Libertarian!



March 6, 2017

After I published a scathing critique of Nick Sarwark’s support for the ANTIFA rioters in Berkley, Augustus Invictus also condemned him. The neo-marxists infesting the party responded with the typical Frankfurt School playbook. The dismissals were full of buzzwords like conspiracy theory and flippant dismissals of the facts presented. In my 25th year of war on Marxism, I have seen them consistently hand me victory. The truth really does set you free. As the closet supporters of Marx attempted to smear us as paranoid for suggesting the Libertarian Party was infested by disingenuous supporters of the man who is responsible for over 100 million murders in the 20th century, the Libertarian National Committee, under the leadership of commissar Sarwark, voted against a measure to condemn the Castro regime in Cuba for sending 2 libertarian s from the Mises institute to the Gulag. The crime was handing out pro-liberty literature at a private meeting. The cancer of cultural Marxism, and the venom of its adherents, is a potent force. To kill cancer a man must approach death himself. An outsider looking upon him may recoil in horror, and say “you look terrible”! The truth for the cancer patient is the same truth for the Libertarian Party. You may have to bring the patient close to death to cure them, but it is the only way to give them new life. You do not blame the doctor when you see a person vomiting after a chemotherapy treatment, you understand it is a necessary part of killing the cancer within you. Thus, when you see us going after this portion of the party, we do not attack our own, we attack a growth inside of us that will mean certain death if not excised. The longer you wait, the more you suffer in the end, and the lower your chances of survival.

If you can read the words “Libertarian Party Refuses to Condemn the Cuban Government for Sending Libertarians to the Gulag”, and say I offer conspiracy theories, I say you just removed the mask and unfurled your red flag. For those who yell “conspiracy theorist” at their local freedom fighter I submit to you the LNC in their own words. Here is the link if you have the time. The main indictment is the fact such an enormous amount of time was spent arguing PC semantics in an attempt to condemn fellow libertarians in a gulag just 90 miles from my home of Florida.

The Nevada Libertarian Party has issued a press release about the unjust detention of two libertarian activists in Cuba (which is still run by an authoritarian regime, reconciliation with the U.S. government notwithstanding – it may even be that Raul Castro figures it’s now safer for them to jail Americans with impunity due to said reconciliation.) They are asking the national LP, among others, to condemn the Cuban authorities for this action and demand the safe release of Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velasquez, and I agree we should do this.

Therefore I move the following resolution
and ask for co-sponsors:
The Libertarian National Committee condemns the unjust detention of libertarian activists Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velasquez by agents of the Castro regime in Cuba on February 2, and demands the immediate safe release of these political prisoners who were targeted for their peaceful activism promoting limited government and free markets. We further ask the U.S. government’s State Department to place diplomatic pressure on the Castro regime for their release, and encourage Libertarian Party members and supporters to contact their elected officials toward that end.
I would also urge the chair and staff to issue a press release featuring this resolution, presuming that it passes, commending the Libertarian Party of Nevada for taking the initiative in speaking out about this case, and making additional points along the lines of the LPN’s press release, below.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
(415) 625-FREE

P.S. – And who knew the Ludwig von Mises Institute had an affiliate in Cuba? That’s pretty cool…

This motion was argued about, and had to be re-worded before it failed in a 9-7 vote. This is the summary of the struggle inside the party against this neo-marxist force led by Nick Sarwark to destroy any hope of freedom for America, and with her, mankind. There are great men here, like David Demarest. His response was much like my own would have been.

I co-sponsor


Oct 20-22 2017 Omaha Libertarian Strategy Un-Convention

Celebrate Life, Set the Bar High and LIVE FREE

~David Pratt Demarest
LNC Region 6 Representative (IA, IL, MN, MO, ND, NE, WI)
Secretary, LPNE State Central Committee
Cell: 402-981-6469
Home: 402-493-0873

Enter Mr. Katz. He needs to give Raul Castro the benefit of the doubt so he needs more information, as if our Nevada bretheren are engaged in a plot to unfairly smear the communist regime.

I do not know anything about this case, and haven’t found much through searching. Can anyone provide a link to more details?

Joshua A. Katz

Arvin Vohra replies next. His answer is pretty simple and Libertarian:

“I will cosponsor”

We reach 4 people so the motion can move forward.

Cool, Arvin. With Caryn Ann and David, I believe that makes four of us.

Love & Liberty,
((( starchild )))
At-Large Representative, Libertarian National Committee
(415) 625-FREE

Now we see the cancer emerge. The semantics arguments begin. You would think it would be a hard sell to convince the average Libertarian that the Cuban regime was above criticism, but I submit to you some of the arguments articulated by those claiming to be the standard bearers of freedom:

From: Lnc-business [mailto:lnc-business-bounces at] On Behalf Of Alicia Mattson
Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2017 5:16 PM
To: lnc-business at
Subject: Re: [Lnc-business] Cuba proposal

If a child went missing while walking home from school, what would be a more effective response by the parents:

1) Write a strongly worded chest-pounding resolution demanding that the child re-appear on the doorstep. Or,

2) Enlist the help of others to search for the child.

What is so offensive about suggesting we try to develop relationships that could potentially have real-world impact on the things we say are so important to us?

It may give us an emotional buzz to make pretty speeches demanding change, but what about actually changing the process so there is no longer a need to make the pretty speeches?


The conversation continues to go back and forth, and you can read it all. I feel like I know enough about the mindset of the people on the LNC after reading this in the last 24 hours to have a clear picture of each of them. This is what I advocated for the LPF and Sarwark refused to support. I saw one person actually make the claim we cannot support this because they may actually be criminals, essentially giving the Castro regime the benefit of the doubt. Other members made statements like this that made me proud:

Part of our problem in Party image is that we don’t use strong emotion enough. Emotion is human and connects to people. Our lack of it leads to the perjorative cartoon of Libertarians as having political autism.

When people are seized and thrown into a Cuban gulag – particularly our ideological brethren – in violation of basic principles – shock and concern is a mild form of what I would say.

What I personally would say would be NSFW.

–Caryn Ann


When I first heard of the situation I thought of how it was a longer trip to visit friends of mine in Atlanta than the gulag where these men were held. I had to weigh many things in my mind. I have two daughters, and am going to have my third child in August, and I just found out it is a son. He will be the one to carry on my name. Our Clan signed the Declaration of Arbroath. We have held our Castle longer than any other Clan in Scotland. Closing on 900 years of fighting tyrants. The first time men proclaimed that they had a right to chose their own leaders bears the signature of one of my ancestors. He fought at Bannockburn in 1314 to establish the principles we uphold today. I have decided to name my first born son after his son, he will be called Alexander. It means “defender of men” and if there were a sequel to Braveheart he would be the main character. Scotland was not free until he did t impossible by sacking Roxburgh in 1342, after fighting an 8 year guerilla war he fought while living in caves.

In June of 1338 Alexander Ramsay broke the British blockade of Black Agnes, named for her dark skin tone. He had 40 men, and they brought supplies by sea, against the most powerful Navy on earth entering through the sea entrance. They motivated those inside, and attacked by land and freed their friends June 10, 1338. While the Libertarian National Committee was arguing semantics, a member of the LPF EC who shall remain nameless found me a pirate. While I was seeking funding for a rescue mission, people who say in one hand the border is an imaginary line were trying to respect the national sovereignty of Cuba.

I was inspired in my teens by a man who was the only third party Presidential Candidate to ever pose a real challenge to the status quo. Ross Perot financed a rescue mission led by Bo Gritz to free US POW’s abandoned in Vietnam by our government. As a member of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and a veteran, martial arts enthusiast, and competition shooter, I had to make a decision. Do I want my son to know me with absolute safety but my brethren languishing in a gulag? I decided that it was more important to set aside fear and if I was to get a letter of marquee and free these men I could teach him by example. If I die in such an undertaking he would know what it meant to fight for freedom. We can meet in Valhalla and the example I set may inspire him the way Alexander inspired me. One of my family was a pallbearer for George Washington. Another was a prisoner of war during the revolution and he was held in St. Augustine, Florida. His history of the war was the first copyrighted book in the United States. He filled in for John Hancock on the Continental Congress for a year in his absence, much as I first ended up in the Florida Senate due to an absence in 2010.

I lay before you this issue as the perfect microcosm to illustrate the choices we must make as a party. Do we revere Adorno or Wallace? Paine or Cloward-Piven? Will we uphold the traditions of Hancock or Fidel? I decided we shall name my son Alexander. If I can secure financial support I think I can get the letter of marquee. If I perish I will have set the example. If I do not I have fought for things greater than myself. There are many in this party who are asked to condemn communist evil that will ask you for proof. There are many who will say “I co-sponsor”.

Nick Sarwark found time to make press multiple times to lie about Milo Yiannopoulos, and give an underhanded nod to the violence in Berkley. He is silent on the suffering Libertarians in a Cuban Gulag 90 milles from our shores. His loyalties are clear.

Ryan Ramsey

Region 4 State Representative and Bradford County Chairman,                                         Libertarian Party of Florida                                                                                                                                                       904-813-9092




Within 72 hours of the news the LNC, under Commissar Sarwark, refused to support the Mises Institute prisoners in Cuba, Ryan spoke with the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida and fellow members of its Executive Committee. They put aside their differences to make sure there was no doubt about our support for the Mises Institute, its members in the Gulag, and all of the Cuban people suffering under Communism and Raul Castro. Here is the press release that was issued by the LPF:



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