The Penalty for Marx? The Death of Reason.

We cannot call ourselves Libertarian while advocating theft to pay for the support of vicious murderers.

In the latest move toward political bankruptcy by the Libertarian Party, the National Libertarian Platform was recently changed to oppose the Death Penalty.

As the Director of The Florida Liberty Project, I have more knowledge about the criminal justice system than most. My residence is less than 5 minutes from the infamous Florida State Prison, home of the electric chair known as “Old Sparky”.

One of my first contributions to the political debate in Florida was compiling statistics in 2010 still used today in the open carry fight, showing that law enforcement is 22 1/2 times more likely to commit crimes than CCW permit holders.

My work to get justice for Jason Westcott, murdered by the TPD in a perfect storm of lying informants, corrupt detectives, and a thuggish SWAT team illegally executing a warrant was what brought me to the Libertarian Party of Florida in the first place.

This was no mandate on the problems with the justice system.

In fact, this move permanently removes our standing to make any reforms, similar to the cop-out by Libertarians who deny the US Constitution and principles such as state’s rights nullifies our ability to make any meaningful reforms in relation to the forcible sodomy of the 10th Amendment by officials in Washington D.C.

To pretend the system does not exist, is to absolve yourself of any responsibility to reform it. This is the goal of Cultural Marxism, and Commissar of the LNC, Nick Sarwark.

The arguments begin with the fact the “State” has no right to kill people, and end with the bizarre notion that we should alllow people to have a legally enforcable portion in their will to prevent execution of anyone who may murder them in the future.

If you want to make absolutely sure you are not taken seriously by the electorate, as well as become a glaring hypocrite, it is a great policy.

If taxation is theft, then it is pretty absurd to suggest you have a right to extort your countrymen at state gunpoint to provide decades of food, housing, medical care, and security for gruesome murderers. It matters not if they are crazy, in fact, anyone who wantonly rapes and murders is obviously mentally ill.

Rabies attacks the brain, so when the lovable family dog contracts it, we shoot it in the head. We don’t care why; once it begins to attack the innocent, it must die, so the rest of us can live in peace.

Declaring a psychopath with a freezer full of dead kids he raped before murdering them to be the focus of one’s pathological altruism should probably be a crime in itself.

It would certainly be a better libertarian argument than extortion of the popuation at large to fund life in prison for those who chose to forfeit life by stealing it from others.

It gets even more absurd. They want to allow a person to leave an enforcable provision in their will to prevent the execution of a hypothetical murderer of the individual in the future.

I am having a hard time writing about this without expletives.

So now the libertarian position is that we claim the right to impose confiscatory taxation on our countrymen from beyond the grave? To pay for our murderer to live and endanger those still living?

That is not libertarianism, that is weaponized Stockholm Syndrome.

The Libertarian position is that any such individual deluded enough to write that into their will should commit suicide immediately afterwards for violating the NAP and attempting armed robbery on all of us.

The true Libertarian position is that anyone who murders forfeits the right to live among us.

Our policy goals should be the application of modern science to the criminal justice system.

  • We should review existing cases for any instances of malicious prosecution or prosecutorial misconduct.
  • We should eliminate lethal injection; it is cruel and unusual, and doctors have no place killing people.
  • The burden of proof should be set higher, to ensure the innocent are not on death row.
  • I have even advocated prosecutors or judges imposing the death penalty be incarcerated for the time the unjust incarceration lasted, or executed in the same manner as the innocent person was executed in the event of misconduct.

That is justice – an eye for an eye. Once the system is repaired, the executions should be carried out by hanging, firing squad, or electrocution.

They should be carried out in public, within 90 days of the sentence, and broadcasted uncensored to provide the deterrent effect.

I personally volunteer to clean out Florida’s death row since I have experience in electrical work, firearms, an tying knots, and I live so close.

I actually did some contract work for a company that maintained “Old Sparky”, I’d be glad to help.

As such, I claim our right as libertarians to participate in fixing the real issues involved in the criminal justice system, rather than divorce myself from the process like the ridiculous platform of the Libertarian Party.

A good friend, Libertarian, and former Ron Paul staffer recently witnessed the execution of a man named Ricky Javon Gray. She was a close friend of the Harvey family pictured here:


You may read of all the victims, and the various crimes Mr. Grey committed in this story on the Richmond spree murders.

Take a good look at the Harvey family.

They were tied in the basement. Ricky Javon Grey decided he was annoyed by the sound of them begging for their lives.

I am not sure if the children watched as he beat Bryan and Kathryn’s brains out with a claw hammer before turning the hammer on 9 year old Stella and stabbing 4 year old Ruby to death, or if the parents watched the children attacked first.

I cannot decide which would be worse.

I do know that little Stella lived long enough with her skull broken open to choke on the smoke caused by the fire he set to hide the evidence of his crime.

Tell me again how taxation is theft and I should be obligated to support Ricky Javon Grey, or how a provision in their will should force humanity to suffer one more minute of his existence on this planet, let alone at our expense.

The state must have the right to execute, because we must give people due process. Even in an Anarcho-Capitalist system there must be provisions for criminal justice.

As far as I am concerned, the LP platform position against the death penalty is an imposition of unlawful force on humanity.

I challenge anyone to craft a logical argument that libertarianism includes initiating force via taxation to compel Americans to provide sustenance for the Ricky Javon Gray’s of the world.

Ryan Ramsey
Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman,
Libertarian Party of Florida

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