A big announcement from the Libertarian Party of Bradford County Florida!

Libertarian Party of Bradford County


North Central Florida has been devoid of organized libertarian activity for a long time. The area is full of libertarians, so perhaps the hyperindividualist mindset prevalent among our tribe is to blame for the lack of organization. Many do not yet know they are libertarians, but a third or more of our neighbors, given a quiz on issues, would be identified as such. Things have changed dramatically over the past year. In Dec of 2015, the Bradford County LPF Affiliate was established. The following April, Bradford County LPF Chairman Ryan Ramsey was elected to represent the region at the LPF annual convention in West Palm Beach. By the fall he had established an active affiliate in Alachua County, in Gainesville, the urban hub of the region and home of The University of Florida. He is now seeking to mobilize the nations third largest party for a special opportunity to…

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