Alex Snitker, The Libertarian Heathen, and Augustus Invictus Make Peace



With the convention behind us, it is time for the Libertarian Party of Florida to move forward.

One of the biggest personal casualties of the infighting last year for me, was the failure of my attempt to negotiate a peace treaty between Alexander Snitker andAugustus Invictus. It resulted in an end to the friendship between Alex and I, and we have not communicated since.

I first became aware of the LPF when I read a headline that said “Former Marine Running for US Senate as a Libertarian”. Being a Navy veteran, it caught my eye, and I researched his positions on issues, and realized I might be a Libertarian and didn’t know it.

I decided to support his campaign, and we became FB friends, and I became familiar with Adrian Wylie. In 2011 during the first round of open carry battles, “The Liberty Underground” published an article I wrote about it, and I supported Adrian’s campaign for Governor, and eventually joined the LPF. The surreal part of the last 6 months has been FB memories reminding me of my support for Adrian’s campaign considering what happened.

Alex works on legislation, which has always been my focus, and we each have a pretty strong group of activists working separate. His PAC is a bridge between the party, its candidates, and the legislation we all want passed, removing laws that interfere with personal freedom. For us to not have unity seems pretty counterproductive, and is not a good look in Tallahassee.

April 12 I had the first opportunity to talk to him since October, in classic Alex it started with “what the f#$@ is your problem”!…..Lol….his tenacity, however, is something I admire about this particular devil dog, so I was just glad the conversation was going again. Call it the Karma, the work of the Norns, or whatever you like, but my efforts to intercede and broker peace between him and Augustus last year came back on me in the form of Dana Moxley Cummings. She stepped up of her own accord, knowing both parties, and was a big help in a resolution. It has been both Brandi and my pleasure to get to know her, and I can tell she puts liberty on the pedestal, where it belongs, above personal beefs or interests.

I take my leadership position on the State Executive Committee seriously. A leader creates unity and sense of purpose among the tribe, and I have spent the first two weeks focused on that.

Today I am very happy to say Alexander Snitker and myself agreed to, in his words, “lay down the knives”. Following that, I called Augustus and he agreed to support the truce. I will say in public, and from a position of strength, meaning I have no other motive than to unify the party, that Adrian Wylie can join the truce as well.

Some of my best friends are people that I have physically fought, and afterwards gained a respect for. I have a feeling Augustus and Mr. Nathan may have the same experience in their upcoming charity fight. Real warriors can respect a former adversary who fought a a good fight, and so I come out of this with a new respect for Alex’s toughness and loyalty to his friends.

We have the biggest opportunity in history to build the party with disaffected voters from the 2 wings of the one party system as the establishment betrays their base. We are going to move forward presenting a party with a unified front to the voters we want to make a switch, and to the legislators in the State Capitol next session.

I hereby state I will follow in the footsteps of my ancestors, and honor their wisdom.William Ramsay was the right hand man of William Wallace, and helped unify the clans under his banner. His son Alexander Ramsay, answered Robert the Bruce’s call to arms with a massive force, and regathered the survivors and lived in caves, fighting an 8 year guerilla war after Bruce’s defeat, and finally freed Scotland.

I hereby call on all LPF clans to unite against the state, and set aside petty old beefs, and present a unified force directed at those who would claim to be kings over us. We are all kings, and we are all free men.

If myself, Alex, and Augustus can do it the rest of you can, I told the other two it is not a condition they even like each other. Before we settled in Scotland, we lived on an island off the coast of Norway. If you know anything about vikings, we used what was known as the shield wall. It was remarkably effective, as long as it was done together. So have been leaving big holes in our shield wall as we turn the sword on each other. No army that fights itself can win.

From this day forward I ask all of my people to cease and desist attacks on Alex, Adrian, or their clans, maintain the shield wall, and put the sword not on each other, but to the tyrant.

-Ryan Ramsey
Region 4 Representative and Bradford County Chairman
Libertarian Party of Florida

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