Preserve Culture, Preserve Liberty

Libertarians who feel the need to tear down American culture and values are not striking a blow to the state, but forging their own chains. Be a non-conformist, but leave everyone else alone. They will conform to the idea of leaving everyone else alone when we claim victory.


You can regulate society on a voluntary basis, with culture, tradition, and honor for your ancestors guiding your actions.
You can have an ever increasing government.
You can pick only one.
Libertarians are the smartest people in the room, and perpetually ahead of their time. Unfortunately, they live in this bubble, clueless as to how the majority of people think.
They may be able to regulate themselves with what they think is zero guidance from their culture and tradition, even as they promote a philosophy that sprang from western civilization, and only exists because of it.
The trouble is, some are chasing their own tail as we slip into tyranny, forming a small but vocal element  attacking the very same culture enabling freedom to ring.
 The more they tear it down, the less likely we will ever live in anything BUT tyranny, because the bulk of people lose their way without it, and become shitbags, devoid of honor, providing endless fodder to justify more government to the propagandists of the state that Libertarians oppose.
To use an analogy, Libertarians can swim, so they insist nobody needs a life preserver. Their hopes for Liberty drown, along  with the culture that gave birth to the very idea.
Think about it. When you push non-conformity on everyone, you become a conformist, working towards a consensus of  chaos.

Once this goal is achieved, the nation will be fertile ground for the propaganda of whatever form of global slavery comes after Marxism, and the new tyrants will find them begging for the chains.

 Ryan Ramsey




About the author:

Ryan Ramsey is a US Navy Veteran and  lifelong political activist. He Chairs the Bradford County Affiliate and Represents Region 4 on the State Executive Committee for the Libertarian Party of Florida.

In addition, he hosts “Global Dissident Voices” and “Sons and Daughters of Liberty Radio” on the SDL Radio Network. He sits on the National Council of the SDL, is the Director of The Florida Liberty Project,  founder of Jacksonville Open Carry, and the singer and guitarist of the “Rock Against Communism” band “Lovecrime”.

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